VivaVideo Pro MOD APK v9.9.7 (No Watermark) Unlock Premium

VivaVideo Pro MOD APK v9.9.7 (No Watermark) Unlock Premium

Download VivaVideo Pro MOD APK v9.9.7 for Android. Enjoy VIP for free. Video Editor and Pro Video Maker for creating HD & 4K videos.

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4.4 ( 930 ratings )
Price: $0
Name VivaVideo - Video Editor&Maker
Publisher QuVideo Inc Video Editor & Video Maker App
Genre Apps
Size 148 MB
Version 9.9.7
Update May 25, 2023
MOD Premium Unlocked, No Watermark
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VivaVideo - Video Editor&Maker is the most famous version in the VivaVideo - Video Editor&Maker series of publisher QuVideo Inc Video Editor & Video Maker App
Mod Version 9.9.7
Total installs 500M+
Download (148 MB)

  • Premium Unlocked
  • Unlocked VIP
  • No Watermark

Whats New

1. Automatic line breaks for subtitles 2. Instant adjustment of original audio with AI Cut 3. Additional function upgrades

Introduction to VivaVideo Pro MOD APK

VivaVideo Pro MOD APK is an updated version of the VivaVideo app that was originally released. The major purpose of this plan is to make it possible for you to make unlimited use of the premium features and capabilities offered by the VivaVideo Android video-editing software without having to pay for them.

VivaVideo Pro MOD APK

Because the VivaVideo editor was removed from the Google Play Store, major editors are no longer able to make use of it. If you have already utilized the service that is described below and now need to recover it, you have arrived at the right location. This post provides you with the most recent and authentic version of the VivaVideo Pro MOD APK. This version includes scripts that will enable you to fully utilize all premium and paid features without having to spend a single thing for them.

This application is also downloadable from a different app store; however, an annual subscription fee is required to access the VIP version of the software. Despite this, a significant number of people, including students, professionals, and amateurs, do not have the financial means to purchase such costly video editing software. Through the distribution of our brand-new, custom-made apps, VivaVideo Pro MOD APK, we have decided to provide all of our users with a VIP subscription and unrestricted access to all premium content. To grab the VivaVideo Pro MOD APK, which unlocks all premium features, all you need to do is read this article and then click the download link at the bottom of the page.

Introduction to VivaVideo – Video Editor&Maker

As a result of the current cultural trend toward producing short films, video editing has emerged as a popular hobby. A couple of the men also utilize the video editing tool for their pleasure purposes. Video editing is a wonderful medium that enables one to share their most private thoughts, most cherished memories, and most amusing life experiences with the rest of the world. Before the turn of the previous decade, editing videos required incredibly strong equipment to be done at all. Video editing apps are increasingly available for usage on mobile devices, such as smartphones. Apps such as VivaVideo, PowerDirector, Inshot, Adobe Premiere Rush, and many more are available to users of the Android operating system, giving them access to a broad selection of video editing tools.

On our list of the best video editors for Android phones, you’ll discover VivaVideo, which is now one of the most often used Applications for editing videos.

VivaVideo Pro MOD APK Download For Android Phone

Because of its user-friendly interface and comprehensive assortment of creative options, VivaVideo is widely considered to be one of the most capable video editing software available for Android. As a direct result of its removal from the Google Play Store, several people all around the world, including those in India, have voiced their wish to have VivaVideo brought back.

A Glance at the Application, in Condensed Form

You will fall in love with VivaVideo Pro MOD APK because of its powerful and professional-grade video editing tools. Among the various functions offered by VivaVideo is the capability to trim and clip films, add soundtracks, stabilize footage, and apply chroma key effects. Once you get started utilizing the more than 200 amazing video editing tools that Adobe offers, even the most experienced Adobe editors might not be able to tell the difference between the two.

The VivaVideo Pro MOD APK provides users with access to a diverse collection of tools as a result of the all-encompassing editing suite that it is. You may make movies with soundtracks and special effects using this application. Additionally, you can create picture montages and slideshows with this tool. In addition to this, the VivaVideo community offers a vast assortment of extra-paid resources for use in video editing. These resources may be purchased and include filters, backgrounds, stickers, and many more.


Vivavideo is unquestionably one of the best video editing tools available for Android. When it comes to video editing on Android phones, the VivaVideo app is the go-to choice for millions of users every month. Since VivaVideo was developed by some of the most well-known names in the business, you can rest assured that it is an excellent video editing App. There are a great number of other programs available that are superior, and the designers of this one have even removed their app from the Google Play Store as a result of the low quality of the other apps that are available as a result of this.

Because of the great desire of both its existing users and future users for the app to make a comeback to the Google Play Store, there has been a steady increase in the daily rate of demand for this software. Once you have some interesting material collected, you may use this application to easily edit any recorded video clips that you have. On the other hand, this movie creator software may provide you access to more sophisticated aesthetic controls than any other Android video editor does.

  • Now we can circle back around to the development of the VivaVideo app

The VivaVideo app offers a beautiful and well-known experience, making it possible to edit in a way that is both straightforward and creative. You will find several buttons, some of which are labeled “Edit,” “My Drafts,” and “Slideshow” in the primary menu of the application. With the assistance of this piece of software, you will be able to identify the website’s most valuable resource in the smallest amount of time feasible. As a consequence of this, you can do a great deal more than simply convert films to audio files and add text overlays to them while you are on the website. Directly accessible from the site, users may select from a wide variety of formats, layouts, themes, filters, and other choices.

  • Membership

If you do not upgrade to a VIP membership, you will not have access to the capabilities that allow for professional editing, presentations, and other features. You will only be able to do things like clip the video, adjust the tempo, modify the voiceover, and pick from a restricted choice of typefaces if you use the free edition. This is because the free edition does not have extensive editing options. However, if you upgrade to VivaVideo’s VIP plan, you’ll be able to export your movies in 4K HD and have access to extra helpful tools such as the video-to-audio converter, voice changer, and custom watermark, amongst others. Additionally, you’ll be able to export your movies in 4K HD. You will have access to a variety of extras, like VIP Themes, Filters, Stickers, and Text Styles when you purchase this subscription.

As a professional version, what services does VivaVideo provide?

These days, social networking sites can be found just about anywhere. The ability to communicate with people all around the world has strengthened the bonds between humans. This is why countless new videos and photos flood these platforms every day. both professionally and privately. The rules of this forum do not restrict the content that users can share.

In contrast, the demand for a lightweight video editor has shifted now that more people have smartphones. This includes the ability to edit videos on a mobile device. Video editing software like VivaVideo Pro has made the process simple. You can perform things like trim, import, merge, and cut with this software. Stickers, tunes, filters, transitions, and real-time dubbing are also available. It’s easy to get a fast overview of everything with this app.

The quality of your films may be greatly enhanced by the use of various special effects. If you’re not a master at video editing but still want your films to appear their best, this application will provide you access to the tools you need. Get your movies ready for sharing on social media with the app’s free features. Selfies, music mashups, and regular old videos are all possible with this software. In addition, nine distinct lenses are available for use in deceiving others.

Last but not least, this one-of-a-kind software allows anyone to make expert-level adjustments to and edits of their videos. In addition, HD export is possible, watermarks are removed, and other functions are accessible in the paid edition of this program. All in all, you won’t need anything else than this video editor to create breathtaking masterpieces that you can then show off to the world. Please read on to learn more about this fascinating topic.

Features of VivaVideo Pro MOD APK

VivaVideo Pro MOD APK is an excellent video editing tool with a wide variety of visual customization options, including filters, effects, stickers, transitions, and more.

VivaVideo Pro MOD APK Features

A plethora of additional useful functions are included in the app as well. These are the items:

  • Tools of the trade

If you need a fast way to switch movies, VivaVideo Pro is the program for you. This one provides access to the fundamental controls found in most video editing software. Among these include splicing, editing, importing, and incorporating soundtracks. Whether it’s a lengthy or short phrase, this program can make the necessary adjustments. Video editing apps fall under this category. No additional apps are required for video editing.

  • You may customize your video with a variety of stickers, transitions, effects, and filters

When you download this app, you have access to a suite of powerful tools that you may employ as needed.

VivaVideo Pro Mod Apk Editing

There is a section for additional touches, such as stickers, FX, transitions, filters, and music. Your films will immediately seem professional with the app’s pre-made themes. This area is loaded with cuts that will help your film flow more smoothly. You may use any of a wide variety of themes and effects to make it appear like a high-budget Hollywood production. Use a filter to make your movies look like horror films or any other genre you choose. With so many tools at your disposal, the sky’s the limit for what you can create with this app.

  • Video camera lenses in VivaVideo Pro MOD APK

VivaVideo Pro MOD APK‘s enhanced video camera lenses provide a superior experience. This component is connected to no less than nine individual lenses. Basic, Selfie, Funny, Music Video, and Collage are just some of the options. You can pretty much do whatever you want since you have so many choices. These camera lenses might potentially be used to fool others.

  • Create a Photo Slideshow

Produce professional-quality presentations for school, or business, or play with this helpful app. The app will automatically merge your photographs into a seamless video once they are uploaded. The software may be used to trigger an automated slideshow. They may be improved upon by adding a wide variety of additional effects. Whether you need to create a simple presentation or something more involved, this application has you covered.

  • Creator of Video Montages

Use the collage maker here to put together stunning video montages. Videos may be uploaded straight into the application and then used to create a collage. The process of creating a video collage is ridiculously easy.

Digital content that may be obtained via downloading

To enhance your movies, this program provides you with access to over 200 various effects. You may get them online and utilize them in your films straight immediately.

  • High-quality exports VivaVideo Pro MOD APK

720p HD video export is now possible with VivaVideo Pro. Your videos will be well received by the masses since viewers will be able to see exactly what is happening. There’s a lot more to love when you can export polished, attractive films.

  • Share

You may update your social media and messaging accounts in a flash from this website.

  • Simple and Easy to Use User Interface in VivaVideo Pro MOD APK

In my opinion, VivaVideo Pro’s ease of use is its strongest suit. Everything is conveniently accessible at the push of a button. Movies may be exported, or imported, and several effects can be added with a single mouse click. This software simplifies the video editing process, eliminating the need for advanced software.

  • High-definition 4K video playback and export

The only thing directly related to professionalism is the film’s quality, which reflects how hard you worked and how devoted you were to the project. You may enjoy full 1080p HD and 4K video quality with the VivaVideo Pro APK. If you produce videos for YouTube, have a large following, or want to update many social media accounts at once, this software is for you.

  • Lacking a watermark in VivaVideo Pro MOD APK

The lack of a watermark is one of the many advantages of VivaVideo Pro APK MOD. VivaVideo heavily uses watermarks as a means of advertising the service and boosting views, ratings, and downloads. If you don’t want your generated videos to have a VivaVideo watermark, this movie is for you. This tool also allows you to apply a personalized watermark to your edited movie.

  • Making an MP3 from a video file

Unique among video editing programs, Video to Audio Converter is a fantastic extra. It supplements the program’s already robust set of useful tools and features for serious work. Simply by selecting the “extract” option in the VivaVideo Pro MOD APK interface, you may convert video to audio or extract the audio from any video or movie.

  • Options for High-Quality Media

The VivaVideo Pro MOD APK not only provides you with a full suite of professional and creative tools but also provides a massive library of premium materials at no cost. Themes, filters, stickers, text and font styles, transition effects, and FX effects are just some of the numerous tools at your disposal. You can find all of these options directly on the app’s main page, beneath the edit button for the VivaVideo Pro editor.

Features VivaVideo

Pro Video Editing App:

  • Provide a variety of video editing features, such as cut, merge, copy, paste, split, drag, and delete video clips.
  • Edit videos with transitions, edit videos with music, combine video clips, and make the video longer.
  • Supports 0.1 – 10x video speed change.
  • Arbitrarily crop and rotate the video area.
  • Huge selection of music and stickers.

Video Maker with Music:

VivaVideo Pro For Android

  • Powerful video maker with photos and the most up-to-date music.
  • Free tik tok video maker with songs and lyrics. Use VivaVideo to make trendy short videos.
  • Professional music video creator with transitions and effects. Make videos from pics with high-quality music easily.
  • Add free featured music to the video, and add sound effects to the video.
  • Add voiceover to video, record your voice, and create your custom videos.

Video Cutter and Editor:

  • Cut video / Merge video / Split video in the timeline, or multi-split videos into several clips.
  • Trim video, edit video with music and photos, and merge video with transition effects.
  • Crop video without losing quality. Easy-to-use free video cutter and editor for YouTube.

Video Creator App:

  • Make a video with fantastic transition effects, edit the video with music and pic, and crop the video for Instagram. Get inspired by amazing materials and get creative with your masterpiece.
  • Combine video clips to make one video, which helps you create a video with ease.

Blur Video Editor:

  • Create blur backgrounds for your videos and photos. Pro video background editor app for Tik Tok.
  • Blur the background of your YouTube and Instagram videos. FREE video blur editor.

Add Text to Video:

Download VivaVideo APK

  • Text on video with font and style.
  • Add subtitles on the video, and various fonts for the text editing.
  • Add multiple text to video & photo, mass editing effects be provided.

Video effects editor:

  • Professional video effects such as Glitch effects, Transition effects, etc.
  • Add movie-style video filters to the video.
  • Amazing video editing effects: VHS effects, FX effects. Cool video editing app & PRO video editor with music and text.

Save Video & Share:

  • Export video/movie in 720p, Full HD 1080p and 4K. FREE movie maker and video editor with all features.
  • Save videos to your phone or share to YouTube, Instagram, Tik Tok.

VivaVideo Pro MOD APK vs VideoShow

Right now, videos are more popular than photos. That’s right, right? Most people agree that movies have a much bigger effect on our thoughts than still images. Modern editing software and unrestricted internet access make it seem like every Tom, Dick, and Harry wants to make movies and share them on social media.

Instagram, a site where people can share photos and videos, has announced IGTV, a site just for longer videos. Users can post movies that are up to one hour long. Professional editing is better for longer videos, and you can now do both of those things on the spot with just your phone. VivaVideo and VideoShow are the two video editing apps that people download the most from Google Play.

  • Program Dimensions

These two projects have very different goals. The app from VivaVideo Pro MOD APK is about 137 MB, while the app from VideoShow is only up to 67 MB.

  • Interface for users

The ways to use the two programs are almost the same. You can choose videos and pictures from the main interface before going to the editing window. In both apps, the editing interfaces are the same, but the names of the editing options are different. The main options in VideoShow are Theme, Music, Edit, and Settings. In VivaVideo, there were only three. Each part of both apps has a name and a label that tells what it is.

The VivaVideo software is different from other editors because it lets users preview media right on the main editing page and change the order of clips and photos by just dragging and dropping them.

Click the Edit button in VideoShow to get to the Clip Edit button. I think it’s very important that the clips are available, but others might not see the point.

  • How things turned out

Both applications can use themes, and each gives a lot of free options. But in the VideoShow app, you can only change the beginning and end of the video. Upgrade to a premium theme if the free ones do not fit your requirements. You can add things like thunder, bubbles, and more with one of these apps. Face filters can’t be used in any apps right now, which is a shame.

  • Aspects of minimal revision

Both programs have powerful editing tools even in their free versions. You could start by editing and dividing the movie so that it fits your needs better. A video clip can be duplicated and played in reverse. You can use one of these programs to flip or speed up videos.

VideoShow, unlike VivaVideo Pro MOD APK, enables you to zoom in on your videos

  • Subtitle

Again, you can add subtitles or commentary to your movies with any app. You can change the font, size, and direction of the subtitle. When it came to adding text, I found VivaVideo Pro MOD APK‘s user interface to be less clear, so I ended up using VideoShow instead.

  • A study of how sound and music work

A video is missing something important if it doesn’t have sound. The inclusion of appropriate music or sound effects may dramatically alter the tone of a video. Because of this, any movie editor needs to have the best audio controls possible.

VivaVideo Sound And Music 1

You can use your audio file with VivaVideo, or you can choose one from its online library. You can use any of the many sound effects that come with the app. One’s voice can be recorded using the built-in recorder. You can turn off the sound on the video if you don’t want to hear it.

The fade-in and out effects can be turned on and off in both programs, but the sound can’t be turned off in VideoShow.

Both the VideoShow app and the VivaVideo app have sound and music features that are the same, but the VivaVideo app is easier to use. First, they have all come together in one place.

Both apps let you turn on or off a fade-in/out effect, but the VideoShow app doesn’t have a mute button.

Both the VideoShow and VivaVideo apps have the same sound and music features, but the VivaVideo app’s interface is easier to use. Because they are all in the same place to start with.

  • The proportion and the context

Each social network has a different recommended size for videos. Some websites only support a 1:1 aspect ratio, but others, like YouTube, can play videos in a 16:9 format. You can change the way your videos look by using both of these tools. The VideoShow application lets you choose from five different colors and sizes of backgrounds. If you don’t want to use color, you can add a blur effect instead.

Canvas is a part of VivaVideo Pro MOD APK that lets people choose from seven different video aspect ratios. The VivaVideo app gives you more options for blurring the background than the VideoShow app.

  • Clips, stickers, and moving gifs

Stickers can be used to make movies more interesting. You can use anything, from generic stickers to real photos from your portfolio. If you want, you can add a GIF image. Using the slider, you can change how long each sticker stays on the screen. VideoShow is the only program that lets you write on your movies and change the size and color of your writing pen.

  • Price

No good thing comes for free. The free versions have most of the features, but there are some limits. For example, VivaVideo’s free version only lets you watch videos for five minutes. Also, you can’t export HD video, and you can’t change the background.

The amazing transitions and transition effects are not in the free version of VideoShow. Another problem with the open-source VideoShow app is that it doesn’t work with high-definition or ultra-high-definition video formats.

Your thinking is correct, and we get it. Watermarks. Right? Your movies will have watermarks in both programs, which is a shame. You have to pay a fee to get rid of them. If you pay money for these apps, the annoying ads will go away.

VideoShow’s premium features can be used even if you don’t buy the full upgrade. You can pay attention to the parts that are most interesting to you. For example, if you only want to get rid of the watermark, you may only have to pay for that.

Who do you think will win?

You can count on both of those things from them. No, really, not at all.

Both of these programs make editing videos interesting and unique. Even if one app is missing a few small features, it may make up for it by being better in another way. It’s all up to you, and I hope you’ve found the app that works best for you after reading this article.


Android users will discover that VivaVideo Pro MOD APK‘s extensive and engaging features make it simple and fast to create polished films. You can now get the most out of VivaVideo Pro MOD APK due to our website, where you may download a fully functional version of the app at no cost.

Download Method Of VivaVideo Pro MOD APK

VivaVideo Pro MOD APK Download

Here are the steps I am going to tell you about the process of downloading the VivaVideo Pro MOD APK

step 1

Click on download
Step 2

Next again click on the download option
Step 3

Now Click on your required version of the app or game
Step 4

Finally, click on the download option

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Download VivaVideo Pro MOD APK v9.9.7 Premium Unlocked for Android


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Download (148 MB)

You are now ready to download VivaVideo - Video Editor&Maker for free. Here are some notes:

  • Please check our installation guide.
  • To check the CPU and GPU of Android device, please use CPU-Z app

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