VideoShow Pro MOD APK 10.1.3rc (Unlock VIP) Latest Version

VideoShow Pro MOD APK 10.1.3rc (Unlock VIP) Latest Version

Download VideoShow Pro MOD APK for Android and unlock premium. Material for Valentine's Day. Make a romantic love video with music. Using animation stickers, cartoon filters, and sound effect is easy

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Name Video Editor & Maker VideoShow
Publisher VIDEOSHOW Video Editor & Video Maker LTD
Genre Apps
Size 57 MB
Version 10.1.3rc
Update Jul 20, 2023
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Video Editor & Maker VideoShow is the most famous version in the Video Editor & Maker VideoShow series of publisher VIDEOSHOW Video Editor & Maker & AI Chat Generator
Mod Version 10.1.3rc
Total installs 100M+
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Whats New

1.Homepage optimization 2.Fix known issues

What is VideoShow Pro MOD APK Video Editor?

With its many features, VideoShow Pro MOD APK is an excellent video-editing tool.

VideoShow 3

Using this movie creator is a fun and simple way to create videos, slideshows, memes, and more with your photos, videos, music, stickers, and sound effects. Young filmmakers may add a personal touch to their movies using text, FX, effects, GIFs, fashionable filters, transitions, and live dubbing. Create original content like vlogs, comedic videos, and internet memes. Weddings, birthdays, Valentine’s Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Christmas Eve, and Halloween are just a few of the major dates that you should remember.


VideoShow Pro MOD APK VS VivaVideo app

Videos are currently more popular than still photographs, which were once the norm. It is correct. Arguably, movies have a far greater influence on our thoughts and memories than still, photographs do. And it appears like every Tom, Dick, and Harry wants to produce movies and post them on social media now that cutting-edge editing tools and a lot of bandwidth are accessible.

VideoShow Vs Vivo Video

Instagram is a well-known programme that allows users to share both photographs and videos. It just implemented a whole new function known as IGTV, which is designed to host longer films. Users can post films that are up to 60 minutes in length.

It is especially crucial to have good editing skills for projects that are lengthier, and producing movies and editing them on your phone has never been easier. The Google Play Store has seen the most downloads of VivaVideo and VideoShow, both of which are video editing applications.

1. Dimensions of Applications

These two projects have very different goals. The size of the VideoShow Pro APK is only up to 153MB.

2. The user interfaces

The user interfaces of the different applications have a great deal of similarity with one another. You may select the media files that you wish to add to the editor from the first screen of the programme. Both programmes offer editing interfaces that are quite similar to one another, however, the tools for editing are referred to by different names in each software.

VideoShow Pro MOD APK provides users with four primary selections, but VivaVideo only offers three (Theme, Clip Edit, and Effects). These are the options for Theme, Music, Edit, and Settings. Both programmes include toolbars that contain a wide variety of tools with titles that are simple to read and comprehend.
The clips and photographs are displayed on the primary editing screen of the VivaVideo programme, and their locations may be altered by holding down and dragging the mouse. This is a significant departure from other video editing apps.

You have to go via the Edit menu and then the Clip Edit menu before you can move stuff around in a VideoShow. It’s possible that this won’t seem like a significant deal to other people, but for me, simply having the clips available is a tremendous time saver.

3. Themes

Both programmes offer assistance with themes, and many of those themes can be utilised without charge. But the VideoShow Pro MOD APK is the only place where you may modify the beginning and end of the movie to better suit your purposes. If none of the free themes meets your needs, you always have the option to pay for a superior one. Your creations can also have additional effects like as thunder, bubbles, and other things added to them with the help of these programmes. There is no app available that enables the usage of a face filter at this time.

4. Primary tools for editing

The editing features included in the free editions of both programmes are of very high quality. You may begin by slicing the movie into manageable chunks by first cutting it into smaller bits. It is possible to make a copy of a clip and even to play it in the other direction. You are also able to alter the pace at which your videos play with these apps.

When using the VideoShow Pro MOD APK, you can zoom in on your videos to get a closer look, however, when using the VivaVideo app, you cannot do this.

5. Subtitles

As was the case before, both programmes let you annotate your movies with text. You have control over the level of brightness and contrast, as well as the location of the subtitles. The user interface of VideoShow Pro MOD APK Video Editor appealed to me more than that of VivaVideo when it came to the process of inserting text.

6. Audio in VideoShow Pro MOD APK and VivoVideo

If there was no sound, a video would be seriously lacking in several essential aspects. The proper piece of music or sound effect may have a significant impact on the overall atmosphere of a video. Because of this, a video editor has to be able to choose from many solutions that have quality sound.

You have the option of uploading your audio file or selecting one from the extensive library of internet audio files that VivaVideo provides. You have access to a variety of sound effects that are included with the software that you are using. Recording your voice may also be done with the recorder that is already built in. Additionally, the video can be muted if there is to be no audio playing.

The fade-in and out effect is present in both applications; however, the mute option is absent from the VideoShow Pro MOD APK.
Even though the VivaVideo app and the VideoShow Pro MOD APK both provide tools for editing audio and video, the VivaVideo app is more intuitive to use due to the way that it is organised. Almost always because they are all located in the same location.

The fade-in and out effect is present in both applications; however, the mute option is absent from the VideoShow app.

Even though the VivaVideo app and the VideoShow Pro MOD APK both provide tools for editing audio and video, the VivaVideo app is more intuitive to use due to the way that it is organised. Simply because they are all located in the same area.

7. Composition consisting of background and aspect ratios

Videos uploaded to various social media platforms will need to have varying resolutions. The aspect ratio of certain videos, such as those seen on YouTube, is 16:9, although other platforms only support a 1:1 ratio. The good news is that both of these programmes provide you with the ability to customise the appearance of your videos. You have access to a broad variety of backdrop colours and five different size options while using the VideoShow application. In place of adding colour, another option would be to apply the blur effect.

Canvas is the name of this section of the VivaVideo programme, and it provides users with the ability to select from one of seven distinct aspect ratios. Users of the VivaVideo app can adjust the blur radius to provide a more customised viewing experience, but users of the VideoShow Pro MOD APK Video Editor are unable to do so.

8. Stickers, scribbles, and several other forms of visual assistance

To give your videos an even more distinctive look, you may embellish them with stickers. Stickers that are identical to the others are shown beside those that are produced from photographs that are already part of your collection. Animated GIFs, which are simply referred to as GIFs, can also be added to your video. You may also adjust the duration of time that each sticker is displayed on the screen by using the slider. However, if you use the VideoShow app, you will have the ability to annotate your videos and even modify the pen’s size and colour.

9. Price

There is always a cost associated with obtaining something of value. Despite these restrictions, the free versions maintain all of the essential functions and features. Users of the free edition of VivaVideo are restricted to creating videos that are no more than five minutes in length. In the same vein, you are unable to export high-definition videos or alter the background.

Even if you pay for the VideoShow app, you won’t be able to make use of all of the great features it has to offer. The free VideoShow app is unable to support high-definition or 4K resolutions at this time.
We can read your minds and know exactly what it is that is causing you concern. Watermarks. Right? The final films you create with either of these programmes will have an annoying watermark on them. To get rid of them, you will need to make a financial investment. You’ll be able to eradicate those obnoxious advertisements once and for all, if you shell out some cash for these programmes.

It is noteworthy to note that to utilise the app, you do not need to purchase all of the app’s premium features. Pick the alternatives that cater most closely to your requirements. Consider the watermark as an illustration. You just need to pay for that function if you do not wish to make use of it.

Final Result of Comparison

Both of them at the same time. I mean this with absolute sincerity. These two programmes are wonderful for editing videos, and each one has special capabilities that set it apart from the other. A piece of software can more than make up for the absence of a few minor functions by including a greater number of other features. The app that is most suitable for you will be determined by the requirements that you have, and I hope that this post has assisted you in narrowing down your options.

VideoShow Pro MOD APK amazing features

VideoShow Pro MOD APK

  • Simple-to-use video editing applications that let you pick your pattern and speed options

Everyone will agree that this is the ultimate video editor. VideoShow is the perfect photographic partner, regardless of your level of competence. In a short amount of time, you may make a video of sufficient length with this programme. The result is fantastic even with minimal manipulation. You can quickly and easily create professional-looking videos using our templates; all you have to do is pick a style and tempo that appeal to you and then follow the on-screen instructions. You’ll need to choose the images and clips you intend to merge.

  • Change the filter, or add some video surfaces and sticks

That so many one-of-a-kind items can be created with this programme and then distributed to the public is fantastic. This app’s usage of an overlay allows you to make films in which several little images or videos display on the same screen, which is a novel and useful feature.

VideoShow Pro Mod Apk Themes

When users add some cute stickers to their films, the result is something truly unique. Stickers can be added to reflect the user’s personality, or they might be ghosts. Plus, a variety of effects will let you transform your films into works of art.

  • Awesome tunes for listeners

Making your films stand out from the crowd is simple. Whether or whether the methods you employ are useful is less important than whether or not your heart is filled with artistic passion. Since I started using VideoShow Pro MOD APK, I’ve had no trouble at all making original, high-quality videos. Adding your music to your films is a simple way to give them that special something. The app has stringent moderation procedures in place for all uploaded audio and music. Moreover, you may use your device’s sound recorder to add noises manually.

  • Convert your voice and record it

VideoShow Voice Recording

What if every video you made was watched by millions of people? Those special videos of yours can help you gain widespread recognition. If you want your fantasies to come true quickly, use VideoShow. This software offers more than just a plethora of new noises. The voice-over can also be used by the creator when recording their original dialogue. It might be heartfelt quotes or something that gives your video its unique flavour. Moreover, you may alter your voice’s pitch, volume, and timbre, or even convert it into the voice of a robot or a monster…

  • Subtitle videos using stylish fonts and text features

VideoShow supports 4K ultra-high definition (UHD) video recording and playback.

VideoShow Pro Mod Apk Scroll Text

Alternatively, users can adjust the video’s quality and store it for later use. Subtitles may be added to videos in this programme for a more creative touch. Whether you’re making a romantic comedy or a thrilling action flick, offering subtitles in many tongues will expand your audience. You may also change the colours and fonts to make them more unique.

  • Unlimited high-definition data transfer

This may be a requirement for all similar apps. VideoShow also assists in selecting high-quality videos. You should also be familiar with posting to various social media platforms. Submitting a video with the incorrect aspect ratio can also reduce visibility. Before sharing your work on social media, make sure you have as much knowledge as possible about it. Get the most out of it with this guide. In addition, after you’ve finished making your film, you can easily distribute it across various social media platforms with the integrated sharing buttons.

  • Improvements to the video-switching process have been implemented

For those interested, VideoShow Pro MOD APK also provides a variety of editing options. Using the given tool, you may quickly and simply convert the video to an audio file (such as an MP3). Videos may be compressed to reduce their file sizes without sacrificing quality. High-definition (HD) video should always be exported (high definition). Plus a few handy add-ons that simplify app use even further.

  • Assist users in picking from available language options

It’s now possible for everyone to use all of VideoShow’s features in whatever language they want. Pick any one of the 30 supported languages and always provide users access to the straightforward interface. Get the most out of the product by making use of localizations that are thorough and accurate.

  • Simple, widely available image editors

Included in VideoShow are both a normal picture editor and high-quality video editing capabilities.

VideoShow Pro Mod Apk Cool Effects

Here, you can easily customise your films thanks to the intuitive editor. Use any features you think would be the most entertaining. If you have photographs that you’d like to utilise in the videos that VideoShow provides, you may modify them right in the programme.

  • There is always room for development in the professional sphere

As a bonus, the program’s expert-level editing tools make it feasible to enjoy 3D movies on the go. Zoom in and out to focus on specific parts of the viewing plane at will. To create films that move swiftly or slowly, users need access to precise speed settings.

As a bonus, you can easily include your artistic drawings in the wonderful movies using the various doodle choices. To properly conceal or emphasise certain video content, blurred backgrounds must be enabled. If you want to spice up your videos, try watching them in reverse.

  • A large amount of raw material for the editing process

Fantastic Materials Center is now available in VideoShow for your viewing pleasure. Through this, you may have access to several topics, stickers, GIF images, memes, emoticons, and other content. Use any of the following visual components to add a lot of visual appeal to your films.

Have a blast trying out the various themes, which will rapidly transform your selected films into a wide variety of unique experiences. Take full advantage of the app’s fifty-plus features. A total of over 30 individual filters are now available for use in tandem. A distinct visual style is associated with each filter. Test out a variety of post-production tools to add polish and depth to your films.

Finally, VideoShow provides several simple sentences to work with, all of which may be used to better explain your films. The many fonts and styles of text are also at your disposal. This will allow you to express your individuality via the arts.

Ads Free and no watermark

VideoShow Pro APK Download

Key Features

  • Zoom and rotate your video as you want.
  • Simple video creator, without pre-transcoding.
  • Make a video with photos. Mix video and photo
  • Fantastic Materials Store: Theme/music/text style/sticker/sound effects/font.
  • Elaborate themes provided to generate a characteristic video instantly, such as love, birthday, life, friends, etc.
  • Square themes and modes are customized for users.
  • Online music, local music, and multi-music in one video are all supported. You can even record your voice.
  • Stunning filters to beautify your video in one step, including beauty, sketch, etc.
  • Various text styles and fonts for subtitles are supplied.
  • Share your video to social networks.


VideoShow Pro allows Android users to make their videos seem great by customising a wide variety of aesthetic settings after they’ve taken them. You may utilise both simple and sophisticated editing features, making the programme both versatile and enjoyable. Images and movies can be modified with their help. When the app is unlocked and available for free on our website, you’ll have a lot more reasons to use it and enjoy it.

Download Method Of VideoShow Pro MOD APK

VideoShow Pro MOD APK 1

Here are the steps I am going to tell you about the process of downloading the VideoShow Pro MOD APK

step 1

Click on download
Step 2

Next again click on the download option
Step 3

Now Click on your required version of the app or game
Step 4

Finally, click on the download option

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Download VideoShow Pro MOD APK 10.1.3rc (Unlock VIP) Latest Version

4.6 🧑 5.96M+ total
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Download (57 MB)

You are now ready to download Video Editor & Maker VideoShow for free. Here are some notes:

  • Please check our installation guide.
  • To check the CPU and GPU of Android device, please use CPU-Z app

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