TEPPEN MOD APK v5.3.5 (Unlimited Money and Coins)

TEPPEN MOD APK v5.3.5 (Unlimited Money and Coins)

Download TEPPEN MOD APK latest version for Android. Get Unlimited money and coins to unlock heroes. TEPPEN is the Ultimate Card Battle game to end all other card games.

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4.0 ( 80 ratings )
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Publisher GungHo Online Entertainment Inc.
Genre Card
Size 61.4 MB
Version 5.3.5
Update Jul 25, 2023
MOD Unlimited Money and Coins
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TEPPEN is the most famous version in the TEPPEN series of publisher GungHo Online Entertainment, Inc.
Mod Version 5.3.5
Total installs 1M+
Download (61.4 MB)

  • Unlimited Money
  • Unlimited Coins
  • Unlimited Gems

Whats New

- EX Grand Prix Gets Even Easier to Play! - New Items in the Soul Shop! - Balance Changes! - New Quests Added to Chronicles! - New Ranked Match "Mr. Higsby"! - New Point Match "After-Duel"!

What is TEPPEN MOD APK for Android?

TEPPEN MOD APK is a modified version of the original TEPPEN game that includes new features and benefits for players. This contains features such as infinite cash, unlocked cards, higher battle point prizes, and much more! The mod apk also supports cross-platform play between iOS devices, Android phones/tablets, PC browsers, and so on, so you can enjoy playing against your friends regardless of what device they’re using.


What is TEPPEN?

In the fast-paced world of mobile gaming, developers are continuously striving to provide gamers with novel and entertaining experiences. With its unique blend of strategy, action, and renowned Capcom characters, TEPPEN, a pioneering crossover card game, has taken the gaming community by storm. This essay will go into the fascinating world of TEPPEN, investigating its gameplay, characters, and what differentiates it from other card games.


GungHo Online Entertainment created and distributed TEPPEN, a popular digital collectible card game (CCG). It features real-time combat and characters from many Capcom series. TEPPEN has the following main features:

Cross-Franchise Gameplay:

TEPPEN combines characters from many Capcom series, such as Street Fighter, Resident Evil, Monster Hunter, Devil May Cry, and others. Players can create decks with their favorite characters and use their special abilities and skills.

Battles in Real Time:

TEPPEN provides real-time PvP fights in which participants compete against one another. Battles are fast-paced and strategic, demanding players to make quick judgments and adjust their strategies as needed.

Unique Hero Arts:

In TEPPEN, each character has a set of Hero Arts, which are powerful skills that can alter the tide of combat. Each character has unique skills that can be employed strategically to gain an advantage over opponents.

Active Response Battle System:

TEPPEN has an active reaction battle system that lets players participate in the game in real-time. During bouts, players can dodge strikes, counter, and utilize special moves, giving an extra degree of skill and strategy to the gameplay.

Deck building and Card Collecting:

TEPPEN is a robust deck-building system that allows players to customize their decks with a broad variety of cards. Characters, actions, and abilities are represented by cards, and collecting new cards is a significant component of the game.

Regular Updates and Events:

TEPPEN releases new content regularly, such as new characters, cards, and gameplay modes. Special events and competitions are also held in the game, presenting players with new challenges and rewards.

Beautiful visuals and soundtrack:

TEPPEN has high-quality images and animations that bring the Capcom characters to life in an engaging way. The game also includes enthralling music, which adds to the whole gaming experience.

TEPPEN’s significant characteristics have contributed to its appeal among card game enthusiasts and fans of Capcom games.

TEPPEN MOD APK Unlimited Money and Coins

TEPPEN MOD APK Unlimited Money And Coins

Unlimited Coins:

The TEPPEN MOD APK grants players infinite coins, which they can use to buy new packs containing cards or special things from the shop!

Unlocked Cards:

In this edition, all of the game’s cards are unlocked, allowing for more strategic deck-building choices and greater variation while playing against opponents online.

Rewards for increased Battle Points:

Winning battles grants you more BP (Battle Points) than usual, allowing you to swiftly build up your collection of powerful cards!

How to play TEPPEN MOD APK latest version?

Teppen is a digital collectible card game featuring characters from several Capcom brands including Street Fighter, Resident Evil, and Monster Hunter. Here’s a step-by-step tutorial for playing Teppen:


Download and install the game:

To begin, download and install Teppen from your device’s app store (available on iOS and Android).

Make an Account:

If this is your first time playing, launch the game and create an account. Log in if you already have an account to access your progress and cards.

Basic Guidelines:

Teppen is a real-time card game in which you control a Hero and use Unit and Action cards to destroy your opponent. The game is organized into “battles.”

Select a Hero:

Choose a character to represent you in the game. Each Hero is endowed with a distinct Hero Art (special ability) and Hero Power (passive ability). Experiment with many Heroes to find the one that best suits your playing style.

Make a Deck:

Create a deck by selecting Unit and Action cards that work well with your chosen Hero. A standard deck has 30 cards, and each card can have up to three copies (excluding Legendary cards).

The Battle:

You and your opponent take turns playing cards and fighting each other during combat. The goal is to deplete your opponent’s Life before they deplete yours.

Mana Gauge:

Your Mana Gauge grows by one point per turn, letting you play more powerful cards as the game advances.

Playing Cards:

Cards have a Mana Cost (MP) value and can be played as long as you have enough Mana. Units are deployed on the battlefield and can either attack or defend against enemy attacks. When you play an action card, it has a one-time effect.

Hero Art:

Your Hero Art is a powerful ability that can be unlocked by paying Hero Art Points (HAP). HAP increases as the game advances, and skillfully employing your Hero Art can swing the tide of battle.

Conditions for Victory:

You can win a battle by lowering your opponent’s Life to zero or by meeting particular victory conditions related to your Hero.

Ranking Up:

You will gain experience points and rank up as you win battles. Higher rankings grant access to more rewards and challenges.

Take Part in Events:

Teppen frequently offers special events and collaborations that provide limited-edition incentives and exclusive cards. Keep an eye out for these events to help you add to your card collection.

Practice and Study:

Teppen has AI and internet fights. Before stepping into rated conflicts, start with practice matches to learn the game basics and develop your skills.

Keep Up to Date:

Teppen is a living game that is constantly updated with new card sets and balancing tweaks. Keep up with the latest news and patches to adjust your approach accordingly.

That’s a basic explanation of how to play Teppen. Remember that, as with any card game, practice and experience will enhance your performance. Good luck and have fun in the Teppen world!


Teppen has a wide cast of characters drawn from numerous Capcom franchises. The following are some of the game’s notable characters:


Ryu (Street Fighter):

Street Fighter’s legendary protagonist is famed for his tremendous martial arts abilities.

Street Fighter Chun-Li:

Interpol officer and martial artist known for her lightning-fast kicks.

Morrigan Aensland of the Darkstalkers:

She is a formidable succubus from the Darkstalkers series who can transform into a bat and utilizes black magic.

Dante from Devil May Cry:

The Devil May Cry series’ demon-hunting protagonist, is known for his spectacular combat and arsenal of weapons.

Resident Evil’s Wesker:

A Resident Evil series antagonist with superhuman skills and crafty intelligence.

Monster Hunter Rathalos:

A fearsome wyvern from Monster Hunter noted for its ferocious breath and aerial strikes.

Resident Evil’s Jill Valentine:

A smart and resourceful Resident Evil series protagonist who specializes in guns and survival strategies.

Resident Evil’s Albert Wesker:

Another Wesker, this time with improved powers, making him a dangerous foe.

Mega Man X:

The Mega Man series’ heroic android is equipped with an arm cannon that unleashes energy blasts.

Monster Hunter Nergigante:

A terrifying Elder Dragon from Monster Hunter, famed for its unyielding ferocity and spiky exoskeleton.

Resident Evil’s Ada Wong:

A mysterious and talented Resident Evil spy adept at infiltration and battle.

These are only a few of the characters that can be found in Teppen. With updates and expansions, the game continues to add new characters, so there may be more characters to uncover in the future.


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TEPPEN MOD APK has shown to be a disruptive force in the mobile gaming business, integrating components from numerous genres to provide players with an interesting and unique experience. TEPPEN stands out as a prime example of mobile gaming innovation, because of its strategic depth, appealing artwork, and incorporation of renowned Capcom characters.


Q: Is TEPPEN compatible with all mobile devices?

TEPPEN is compatible with both Android and iOS smartphones, allowing users to enjoy the game across platforms.

Q: Is it possible to make in-game purchases in TEPPEN?

TEPPEN is a free-to-play game with in-game purchases for card packs and cosmetic accessories.

Q: Can I play TEPPEN without an internet connection?

TEPPEN requires an internet connection to access its online features and battle other players.

Q: Do I need to be familiar with Capcom games to appreciate TEPPEN?

No, TEPPEN is intended for both newbies and fans of Capcom titles, providing a unique experience for all.

Q: How frequently is TEPPEN updated?

TEPPEN is regularly updated with new material, giving gamers something new and interesting to look forward to.

Download TEPPEN MOD APK v5.3.5 (Unlimited Money and Coins) for Android

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Download (61.4 MB)

You are now ready to download TEPPEN for free. Here are some notes:

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  • To check the CPU and GPU of Android device, please use CPU-Z app

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