State of Survival MOD APK v1.19.60 (Money, DMG, Skills, Mod Menu)

State of Survival MOD APK v1.19.60 (Money, DMG, Skills, Mod Menu)

Download State of Survival MOD APK for Android. Build Settlement and recruit Survivors, upgrade technologies and explore the world.

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4.3 ( 487 ratings )
Price: $0
Name State of Survival: Zombie War
Publisher FunPlus International
Genre Games
Size 260 MB
Version 1.19.60
Update Jul 18, 2023
MOD Money, DMG, Skills, Mod Menu
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State of Survival: Zombie War is the most famous version in the State of Survival: Zombie War series of publisher FunPlus International
Mod Version 1.19.60
Total installs 50M+
Download (260 MB)

  • Money
  • DMG
  • Skills
  • Mod Menu

Whats New

▼ Optimizations 1. State Transfer - Low Power Chiefs will no longer occupy slots of the target State. This change will take effect in the next event session. 2. Hero Search - You will now have a chance to obtain Hero Fragments from the latest generations through Epic Search. We made this change based on valuable feedback from our esteemed Chiefs.

Introduction to State of Survival MOD APK?

State of Survival MOD APK is a modified and alternate variant of the official State of Survival, in which you will receive a plethora of premium benefits for free. You are a survivor for your loved ones and the entire town; days pass, and the monster grows stronger by the day. Create a team that can fight dangerous monsters and save your loved ones while also expanding your area of dominance.

State Of Survival MOD APK Download

You are now well aware that the State of Survival MOD APK provides you with a broader range of premium benefits, such as unlimited money, unlimited energy, unlocked weapons, and many more. Other beautiful premium items will be very useful to you in this adventurous journey game. You have an unfair advantage over your opponents with this MOD APK, and you can quickly become the ultimate winner of play. You will also have plenty of time to explore the game’s various landscapes.

About State of Survival: Zombie War

State of Survival is a strategy game in which you must defeat zombie hordes that are attempting to destroy your city. To do this, you’ll have to use the numerous weapons available and hold your ground.

What is the State of Survival APK?

If you want to survive more easily in the game, then download the no-cost energy This will allow you to have the advantage of being able to build more impressive defenses, have more effective weapons, and increase the rate at which you can research the deadly virus.

The Gameplay

It’s a multiplayer game. The State of Survival game rotates around diminishing the country from the zombie end of the world that has occurred in the country. All you want is to endure the zombie assault. Then, shield yourself from the terrifying zombies that are attacking you.

Condition of Endurance is an incredible Zombie Outbreak Strategy Game in which your country is experiencing the Zombie end of the world after a half year. The Virus is affecting people all over the world. Your country is in a highly sensitive situation, and no assistance has been provided by the government; instead, they have gone underground, and no contact can be made with them. Few people are still making ends meet.

State Of Survival Zombie War Game Download

You have assembled a small armed force of survivors, and you are their commander. Your goal is to find the other survivor, collect the assets, reclaim your state, train your soldiers, locate weapons and projectiles, construct sleeping quarters, and eliminate the Undead. Your game scores are determined by the number of survivors you save. Remember that your coworkers will sometimes go against you to protect themselves.

Features of State of Survival MOD APK

State Of Survival APK Latest Version


Build your settlement in the absence of the military to provide a haven for your survivors and the foundation for your post-apocalyptic zombie world. It’s time to put your strategies into action! Fight back against this zombie virus! It’s battle time, and you must repel the invasion! Survive if possible!!


In this survival game, you must rescue survivors from the battlefield to increase your numbers and strength to combat each infected zombie. Find those with special abilities, as they will be the plague war’s heroes! It’s time to shoot!


The zombie army disease is rapidly mutating. As a survivor, you must learn everything you can to comprehend the situation and plan your strategy before the zombie invasion. Whoever has control over the illness has control over the globe! There is a war going on, and it is all about survival! Put an end to the apocalypse!


There is power in numbers. In this tactical survival game, form alliances and strategic alliances to endure the horrors of the contaminated wilderness. Join armies to annihilate everyone who attempts to exploit you in battle, and prepare for the war against zombies and the apocalypse. Your life is on the line!

Rip up the Rulebook:

It’s called Humanity 2.0. Rewrite the rules to ensure that humanity survives and defeats the invading army. This is a survival strategy game rather than a zombie shooter, and there is no military to save you. It’s unlike any other military war game.

Survive in a Dangerous World:

The State of Survival provides players with the most amazing survival experience on mobile devices, combined with tactical elements to give players the real experience of becoming the survival team’s leader.

State Of Survival MOD APK For Android

The player’s first mission is to secure a base, recruit survivors, go through a medical examination, and eventually develop everything that ensures a better quality of life. Meanwhile, they must fight, scout, scout, patrol, and engage in various activities to keep the base safe. In addition to protection and development, players can form small communities and bond with other survivors to exchange resources and supplies for greater rewards.

Loot and protect valuable cargo:

The combat system in the game is a type of real-time strategy in which the player controls the combat units to eliminate all zombies in the optimal location. Furthermore, the game incorporates an element known as “environment,” which complicates the situation and makes each player’s journey more interesting and impressive. The player’s behavior must be carefully adjusted depending on the environment, and all resources must be collected. Each mission has a different objective to achieve, and players should always be more adaptable in different situations to return safely.

Create A Stable Supply Line:

The base is the most important location for players to survive a day in a desolate world. For improved performance, players can construct, expand, clean up, and upgrade every building in the camp. Each type of structure serves a specific purpose, such as supplying ammunition, food, drink, and other scarce resources.

State Of Survival MOD APK Latest Version

Of course, players can construct additional medical bases, armories, training grounds, and a variety of other locations to reload their combat units and prepare for the next expedition. As players level up, the location should be at the appropriate level, and regular people are constantly releasing new content to discover and build, resulting in a strong community for all.

There are numerous in-game quests and challenges to complete:

The State of Survival will provide players with a variety of intriguing quests and challenges to enjoy while embarking on their most extreme survival expeditions. You may find yourself completing numerous objectives as you engage in the game’s many events. Of course, there will be a range of exciting incentives available for you to take advantage of.

Resist the zombies by constructing a base:

The scenario that players in the State of Survival encounter takes place in an unusual environment when a zombie appears on Halloween, but no one realizes the threat. Even though it has since attacked a person, some people believe it is merely a Halloween hoax. People began to dread a pandemic as the virus spread and more victims were attacked, and the world went through a horrific period. As a survivor on this harsh planet, you will attempt to improve it to combat the monsters on the outside. You will spend time building various constructions to obtain vital resources, as in past construction games. Furthermore, as you perform various objectives in the game, you will receive magnificent rewards. You can improve your main base once all of its upgrade requirements have been satisfied.

Form Alliances with Other Camps:

If players wish to become stronger, they must build a survival alliance with other survival camps. This enables players to swap resources, carry weapons, and take part in cooperative missions at a low cost. The game focuses on alliance formation, allowing players to join powerful allies to make additional discoveries. Every week, there are additional special events or exciting activities in the game that players must work with to easily achieve their aims. This is also the goal of allying: to make players’ lives easier.

State of Survival best heroes:

Heroes are important in this game because they help you obtain more resources and progress through the story by completing “Trial” tasks. Trial missions require you to lead a party of up to three heroes around locations collecting resources and items for your colony’s doctor to assist him in discovering the source of the virus.

Download State Of Survival For Android

Entering these trials requires energy, but once completed, you will be rewarded handsomely. You’ll be able to participate in higher-level Trials with stronger heroes, which means you’ll be able to earn higher-level rewards. These trials offer rewards such as Combat Manuals, Resources, Hero Badges, Skill Books, and even Hero Fragments. You can find new Heroes to add to your roster or raise the tier of the ones you already have if you have enough Hero Fragments.

Discover New Technology:

Even if the world is destroyed, important knowledge will be preserved and passed down to future generations. Survival State provides several enhancements that can improve mission performance by developing new skills or equipment. Furthermore, the system has an impact on base construction by providing players with new functions that they can build for defense or production lines. In terms of equipment, crafting and unlocking advanced equipment to combat potential targets allows players to save more resources. However, each search process takes time, and players must meet different requirements to find content.

Biocaps can be used indefinitely:

Biocaps are the premium currency in the State of Survival game that may be used to activate VIP memberships, permanently open the second building queue, autocomplete construction, purchase challenges, and a variety of other things. That’s why our State of Survival MOD APK includes an unlimited Biocaps feature, allowing you to buy an infinite amount of items for free.

Unlimited endurance:

Stamina is an important aspect of this game because it allows the player to do things like fight zombies, build shelters, compete in events, and more. However, in the standard edition of the game, the Stamina Bar quickly depletes and we must wait for it to be replenished. Don’t worry, Apk players will gain infinite stamina with the State of Survival Mod, allowing them to complete chores indefinitely without interruption.

Food Isn’t Limited:

Food is required to provide your characters with the energy they require to fight battles. Fortunately, the hacked version of State of Survival Apk includes an infinite food function, ensuring that your army never goes hungry.

MOD Specifications

  • Unfathomable Resources/Money
  • Activate All Weapons
  • All Android versions are permitted to download Safe Amazing.
  • The Province of Survival MOD APK record contains everything except the difficult-to-present Auto-update.
  • Change automatically with the game
  • There is no compelling reason to root your Android device!

Elements in the State of Survival


Create a settlement for your survivors’ haven and the establishment of the dystopian zombie world. Use strategies to turn the game into a real battle and get by.


Save survivors from the fight in this game to increase your numbers and solidarity as you battle each tainted zombie.


The zombie armed forces’ disease is rapidly evolving. As a result, some exploration as a survivor learns skills with a system before the arrival of the zombies. Control the contamination and put an end to the end times in this manner!


To avoid the revolutions of the poisoned countryside, form coalitions and establish essential coordinated actions. Enter armies to annihilate anyone who needs to exploit you in the conflict, and prepare for the end of the world and the zombie apocalypse.

State of Survival codes

State of Survival gift codes:

Wegothedistance 2023START love Behemothsos1 happynewyearkr2023s break1

kuchentvsos – RSS + Biocaps (Rewards available only for new players)
SOSNiko (Rewards offered only for new players) (Rewards available only for new players)
darylsos (Rewards offered only for new players) (Rewards available only for new players)
sos1234 (Rewards available only for new players) (Rewards available only for new players)

State of Survival redeems codes:

To redeem the codes, launch the game and navigate to the Settings menu (in the bottom right corner of the screen).
Then, select the Gift Redemption option.
Enter your code in the redemption box and press the Redeem button.
That’s it – your goodies should be arriving in your in-game mailbox shortly!

Download State of Survival MOD APK for Android

Why should you play State of Survivability? Simply because it is an excellent mobile game at the moment. Not only does the game have unique gameplay and a humanistic storyline, but it also has a diverse character system and a high-quality graphics platform. Not only that but it is also optimized for the mobile platform, ensuring that every player has a seamless and smooth experience. Are you brave enough to fight in this long war?

You can also download Zooba MOD APK here on apkmodyget.


State of Survival: The Zombie Apocalypse is a fantastic game that excels in every aspect, including quality illustrations and strong interactivity. The plot is intriguing, with you being tasked with saving everyone and yourself from dangerous wild zombies. However, to make your journey far more accessible, we have State of Survival MOD APK with every extraordinary advantage, including open weapons, limitless, no adverts, and a lot more, so without further ado, click on the State of Survival MOD APK download link and relish it.


How do I get the State of Survival for PC?

To download State of Survival on a PC, Windows users can use an Android emulator such as Gameloop.

How do I get the State of Survival on my Mac?

For Mac users, Bluestack for Mac can be used to install the State of Survival.

Is State of Survival available for free download?

Yes, you can download State of Survival for free on Android smartphones, although it may contain in-app purchases.

What is the size of the State of Survival download?

On mobile, State of Survival consumes 260 MB of data. Depending on the device, the size of the players may vary slightly.

What languages is the State of Survival available in?

State of Survival supports isiZulu and other languages. More Info will tell you which languages are supported by the State of Survival.

Download State of Survival MOD APK v1.19.60 (Money, DMG, Skills, Mod Menu) on Apkmodyget

4.3 🧑 2.28M+ total
5 ⭐
4 ⭐
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1 ⭐

Download (260 MB)

You are now ready to download State of Survival: Zombie War for free. Here are some notes:

  • Please check our installation guide.
  • To check the CPU and GPU of Android device, please use CPU-Z app

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