Soul of Eden Guide and Download APK

Soul of Eden Guide and Download APK

For new players Soul of Eden Guide and Download APK for Android. Complete Guide, Tips and Strategies are available for the beginners to understand all about the Soul of Eden.

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Soul of Eden is the most famous version in the Soul of Eden series of publisher Rayark International Limited
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Soul of Eden is a fun and engaging mobile strategy game that lets you play with cards and fight in real-time. In this piece, we’ll talk about the different parts of the game and give you tips and tricks to help you become a strong player in the Soul of Eden world.

1. Introduction to Soul of Eden

Soul of Eden takes place in a world of the future where different groups fight over a valuable substance called “Soul Energy.” As a player, your goal is to build a deck of powerful cards that reflect different units and skills, place them on the battlefield in a strategic way, and beat your opponents in real-time battles.

Soul Of Eden Guide

2. Understanding how the game works

  • Strategy with cards:

Each person in Soul of Eden starts with a deck of cards that show units, spells, and skills. You can put these cards on the battlefield during a fight to attack your opponent’s base while protecting your own. The key to winning is making a well-balanced deck that works well together and can adapt to different situations.

  • Lane Control:

In Soul of Eden, the field of fight is split into three lanes: the top, the middle, and the bottom. Controlling the lanes is very important because it decides which units can get to the enemy base. By putting your cards down in a smart way and keeping control of the lanes, you can outmaneuver your opponent and win.

  • Resource Management:

You have to keep track of your Soul Energy, which slowly builds up over time, in order to put cards onto the board. Each card has a different cost, and it’s important to know when to play expensive cards and when to save energy for later if you want to handle your resources well.

3. Picking the Right Group

There are three different groups in Soul of Eden: the Empire, the Republic, and the Beasts. Each group has its own way of playing and different units and skills. Choosing the right faction that fits with your chosen strategy and play style can give you a big edge in battles.

  • The Empire:

The Empire uses attacking strategies and plays in an aggressive way. Their units are usually strong and can do a lot of damage to the other team’s base. If you like games that move quickly and don’t let up, the Empire group might be right for you.

Soul Of Eden Empire Guide

  • The Country:

The Republic faction is all about power and strategic moves. Their units are great at getting in the way of the enemy’s plans and helping your own troops. If you like to plan and think things through, you might like playing with the Republic group.

  • The Animals:

The Beasts group is good at summoning and making plays that work well together. They have special powers that can bring in more units or make them stronger. The Beasts group might be right for you if you like to play in a way that is flexible and unpredictable.

4. Looking at the different types of units

Soul of Eden has a lot of different units with different skills and jobs. To make a strong and well-balanced deck, it’s important to know the pros and cons of each type of unit.

  • Units that attack:

Your offensive units are the most important part of your deck because they do damage to your opponent’s base and other units. There are melee units, ranged units, and units with special powers, among others. Having a variety of offensive units in your deck gives you more options and the ability to deal with different plans.

  • Defensive Units:

To protect your center and make a strong defense line, you need defensive units. They can take harm, control crowds, or stop the opponent from moving forward. Having protective units in your deck helps keep your defense strong while you work on your own offense.

  • Back Up Units:

Support units are very important because they help your attack and defensive units do their jobs. They can heal, buff, or provide useful benefits to help your troops do better. Using your support units well can change the course of a fight and give you a big edge.

5. Putting together a sturdy deck

To do well in Soul of Eden, you need to build a strong deck. Here are some tips that will help you make a strong deck:

  • Makeup of the Deck:

A well-balanced deck has a mix of units that attack, defend, and help other troops. Try to include a range of cards that work well together and cover different parts of the game.

  • Cards that go well together:

Try to find cards that work well together. Some units may have skills that help other units do better or that let them play together in powerful combos. By using these synergies, you can make strikes that are very powerful and overwhelm your opponents.

  • How to Beat Your Opponent’s Deck:

To win, you must know what your opponent’s deck does well and what it does poorly. Look at how they are playing and change your deck to match. Include cards that work well against their units and can mess up their plans.

6. Getting good at the plans

To do well in Soul of Eden, you need to come up with and improve your tactics. Here are three common ideas to think about:

  • Strategy to Rush:

The goal of the rush plan is to quickly beat your opponent by sending out low-cost units and pushing hard toward their base. This plan is meant to take advantage of an early edge and catch your opponent by surprise.

  • Plan to take charge:

The focus of the control plan is to take and keep control of lanes while slowly breaking down your opponent’s defenses. To win, you have to carefully place your units, keep track of your resources, and respond to your opponent’s moves.

  • Combination Plan:

The key to the combo strategy is making powerful card combinations that can change the course of a fight in an instant. By using cards with powers that work well together, you can make devastating combos that your opponents will find hard to stop.

7. Changes and Benefits

Soul of Eden has a rewarding method for moving forward that will keep you interested. Here are some things to keep an eye on:

  • Ranking System:

There is a ranking system in Soul of Eden that lets you fight with other players and move up the leaderboard. Try to get better at what you do and move up the ranks to get better rewards and praise.

  • Everyday tasks and events:

Take part in daily events and tasks to get more rewards and resources. Most of the time, these tasks give you unique challenges and chances to show off your skills while giving you valuable loot.

  • Upgrades and unlockables for your cards:

As you play Soul of Eden, you’ll be able to improve your cards and get access to new ones. This lets you improve your deck and change how you play to suit different styles and plans.

8. Becoming a Part of a Group

If you want to get more out of Soul of Eden, you might want to join a group of other players. Here’s how you can join the group of the game:

  • Forums and communities on the Internet:

Join online discussions and groups that are all about Soul of Eden. Share techniques, ask for help, and learn from other players with more experience. Most of the time, these groups help players learn new things and feel more like friends.

  • Strategies and Advice:

Check out strategy guides and tips that people with a lot of experience have made. These tools can give you useful tips on how to build your deck, play the game, and use more advanced strategies. Using these tips can make a big difference in how well you do on the battlefield.

  • Tournament Participation:

Join games and other competitive events that the Soul of Eden community puts on. This gives you a chance to see how good you are against the best players, learn from the best, and get noticed for your skills.

Soul of Eden Tier list

Soul Of Eden Tier List

  • S Tier:

S. Gold, Volt, Luke, Ray, and Ariette

  • A Tier:

Charon, Blitz, Pheonix, Amelia, and Ramiel

  • B Tier:

Moriarty, Niya, Dionne, Hades, and Jormungandr

  • C Tier:

Victor, Eligos, Kali, Auri, and Balthazar

9. Conclusion

Soul of Eden is an interesting mix of real-time battles and card-based tactics. In this fun mobile game, you can become a strong player if you understand how the game works, pick the right group, try out different units, and build a strong deck. Mastering techniques, moving up in ranks, and interacting with other players all add to the fun. So, get your cards together, make your plans, and set out on an epic trip in the world of Soul of Eden.


  • Q: Can I play Soul of Eden on my Android?

A: You can play Soul of Eden on both Android and iOS smartphones.

  • Q: Can I buy things inside the Soul of Eden app?

A: Yes, Soul of Eden lets you buy items and resources inside the game. But you don’t have to spend real money to play the game.

  • Q: Do you need to be connected to the internet to play Soul of Eden?

A: Soul of Eden is an online multiplayer game, so you need a stable internet connection to join fights and talk to other players.

  • Q: Can I switch between groups in Soul of Eden?

A: In Soul of Eden, you can switch between different groups. But it might change the cards you’ve gained and your progress.

  • Q: Does Soul of Eden require you to pay to win?

A: No, Soul of Eden is more about strategy than spending money. Your success rests mostly on your skill, the way your deck is put together, and the strategic decisions you make.

Soul of Eden APK Download for Android

Download Soul of Eden APK for android on third party platform APKMODYGET. Read more about the MOD of this game on Soul of Eden MOD APK

Download (556 MB)

You are now ready to download Soul of Eden for free. Here are some notes:

  • Please check our installation guide.
  • To check the CPU and GPU of Android device, please use CPU-Z app

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