Last Empire MOD APK v1.0.397 (Unlimited Diamonds/Coins/VIP)

Last Empire MOD APK v1.0.397 (Unlimited Diamonds/Coins/VIP)

Download Last Empire MOD APK latest version for Android. Unlimited Diamonds/Coins/VIP are available in this MOD APK. Build an army to destroy the zombie army and defend your empire in the War Z strate

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Name Last Empire - War Z: Strategy
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Size 457 MB
Version 1.0.397
Update Jul 26, 2023
MOD Unlimited Diamonds/Coins/VIP
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Last Empire - War Z: Strategy is the most famous version in the Last Empire - War Z: Strategy series of publisher GAME FOCUS NETWORK LIMITED
Mod Version 1.0.397
Total installs 50M+
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  • Unlimited Diamonds
  • Coins
  • VIP Points

Whats New

Optimizations - Optimized the result of quantum transformation: when the transformation of the reactive core fails, it will be destroyed, with a lower-level reactive core returned to you. - Optimized the display of the Star Reactor page, making it easier for you to see all the info.

Download, install, and read the article about the mind-blowing strategy RPG and base-building war game. Last Empire MOD APK is the modified APK of the original game with extra features.

Overview of the game Last Empire

Welcome to our exhaustive guide on the Last Empire War Z strategy, in which we delve into the depths of this thrilling game and offer you expert tips and insights. Whether you’re a novice or a seasoned player, we intend to provide you with the skills and strategies you need to dominate the zombie-infested world and become a formidable survivor. This article will examine the most important aspects of Last Empire: War Z and provide you with competitive advantage advice.

Last Empire MOD APK Download

What is the Last Empire MOD APK?

Last Empire MOD APK is an alternation to the orignal version. You can get in-game currency in this MOD. Download the APK file and upgrade and unlock different items in the game.

Download Last Empire APK

Last Empire War Z is a game in which the player must construct a haven for all zombie apocalyptic survivors. In addition to creating your army, you can add domesticated zombies to this game. It will facilitate dealing with the zombie forces currently dominating the planet. In this game, you can obtain an abundance of incredible armaments that will assist you in combating the zombie forces.

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Last Empire APK

How to properly play the game

Follow these methods to effectively navigate the post-apocalyptic world in Last Empire: War Z Strategy and emerge victorious:

Initial Construction:

Start by building and upgrading structures within your base. Concentrate on resource production facilities, research facilities, hospitals, barracks, and defensive structures. Upgrading these structures increases their effectiveness and reveals new features, providing a solid basis for your survival.

Resource Management:

Efficient resource management is essential. Gather resources, such as food, fuel, and construction materials, to support your base and soldiers. Utilise resource-generating structures, scavenge wastelands, or engage in trade with other individuals to ensure a steady supply. Allocate resources strategically to support various game elements, such as personnel training, research, and base expansion.

Research and Development:

Invest in research to uncover sophisticated technologies that improve the capabilities and performance of your base and troops. Prioritise technologies that increase resource production, combat effectiveness, defensive prowess, and the rate of personnel training. Upgrade your research facilities frequently to remain ahead of the competition and adapt to the ever-changing game challenges.

Training and Formation of Troops:

Form a formidable army by training a variety of forces, including infantry, snipers, artillery, and vehicles. Different troop types have distinct strengths and limitations; therefore, a balanced formation is required to effectively counter diverse enemy forces. Regularly enhancing the combat efficacy and survivability of a unit’s equipment and abilities.

Relationships and Diplomacy:

Join other players or establish alliances with them. Allies provide crucial support, including the sharing of resources, reinforcement during battles, and coordination of strategy. Utilise alliance events and cooperative gameplay to bolster your position and obtain an advantage over rivals. Develop diplomatic ties, negotiate treaties, and participate in joint operations to achieve game dominance.

Last Empire MOD APK Latest Version

Zombie Siege and PVE:

Engage in exhilarating zombie sieges and player-versus-environment (PVE) encounters. Protect your resources from relentless zombie attacks and eradicate zombie bosses to earn valuable rewards. Participate in PVE events to earn experience, resources, and uncommon items, thereby accelerating your game progress.

Last Empire MOD APK For Android

PVP Combat and World Dominance:

Participate in player-versus-player (PVP) combat to demonstrate your strategic prowess. Plan ambushes, coordinate attacks with your allies, and seize resource-rich territories. Extend your influence, conquer enemy bases, and pursue global dominance.

Permanent Development and Adaptation:

Last Empire War Z is an evolving, dynamic game. Maintain vigilance, adapt your strategies to shifting conditions, and consistently expand your base, forces, and technologies. Maintain awareness of game updates, events, and new features to enhance your gameplay experience.

Characters in the Game

Last Empire: War Z features a diverse cast of playable characters, each with their abilities, traits, and histories. Let’s examine some of the prominent characters you’ll encounter in this post-apocalyptic setting:

Commander Ash:

Commander Ash, the game’s protagonist, is a fearless leader who guides players through the perilous voyage of survival. She is an indispensable mentor and a symbol of hope in the battle against the zombie hordes, thanks to her strategic acumen and combat prowess.

Doctor Rodriguez:

Doctor Rodriguez is an outstanding scientist and medical professional. Her knowledge of virology and infectious diseases is essential to comprehending the outbreak’s origins. With her help, players can create cutting-edge medical technologies to heal wounded soldiers and mitigate the effects of the undead.

General Zhang:

General Zhang, a seasoned military commander, provides tactical expertise and battle-tested experience to the table. Their understanding of troop formations, siege techniques, and offensive/defensive maneuvers is significantly impacted by his military strategies and combat tactics.

Captain Garcia:

Captain Garcia is an accomplished sniper and specialist in reconnaissance. She thrives at scouting enemy territories and eliminating high-value targets due to her exceptional marksmanship and stealth abilities. In covert operations, players can rely on her for vital intelligence and strategic advantages.

Engineer Johnson:

Engineer Johnson is an expert architect and builder. His engineering expertise enables players to efficiently construct and enhance structures within their base. From fortifications to sophisticated defense systems, Johnson’s technical expertise is essential for constructing structures that can withstand attacks from zombies and opposing factions.

Sergeant Ramirez:

Sergeant Ramirez is an infantry specialist with combat experience. As a dependable frontline commander, he instructs and leads soldiers into battle, ensuring their effectiveness and discipline on the battlefield. Ramirez’s combat expertise and leadership abilities are crucial in deciding the outcome of intense confrontations.

Scavenger Mia:

Mia is a resourceful scavenger who excels at discovering and acquiring valuable provisions in the wastelands. Her keen sense of observation and resource management skills allow players to collect vital resources, such as food, fuel, and construction materials, required for the growth and sustainability of their base.

Last Empire’s in-game currency

Several in-game currencies are crucial to your progression and gameplay in Last Empire: War Z Strategy. The following are the most common forms of in-game currency:


The Last Empire War Z Strategy’s primary currency is coins. You acquire coins through various in-game activities, such as completing missions, taking part in events, and gathering resources. Coins are utilized for a variety of purposes, such as upgrading buildings, researching technologies, training troops, and purchasing products from the in-game shop.


In-game diamonds are the most valuable currency. They can be obtained via in-app purchases or as rewards for achieving specific milestones and events. Diamonds are a valuable resource that can be used to expedite construction and research, acquire rare equipment, purchase unique items, and conduct other premium actions that provide advantages and conveniences in the game.

VIP Points:

VIP Points can be obtained by purchasing diamond packages or participating in particular events. They contribute to your VIP status, which enables special benefits and bonuses. The higher the VIP level, the greater the resource production, the faster the construction and research timeframes, the lower the cost of healing, and more.


Medals are a unique currency obtained by participating in PvP battles and ranking on the PvP leaderboard. Medals are used to acquire unique products, equipment, and buffs from the Medal Store. They are a valuable resource for bolstering your soldiers and base.

Honor in Combat:

Battle Honour is a form of currency gained by participating in battles and defeating enemy forces. Accumulating Battle Honour enables you to unlock and improve certain special abilities and skills for your commanders, providing additional combat advantages.

Credits for Alliance:

Alliance Credits are acquired via alliance-based activities and contributions. They are redeemable at the Alliance Store for distinctive items, technologies, and buffs. Alliance Credits encourage collaboration within alliances and compensate alliance members for their collective efforts.

You can get free currencies to unlock through the Last Empire MOD APK.

Types of Troops in the Game

The Last Empire War Z Strategy features numerous troop types, each with its strengths, duties, and abilities. Understanding the various troop categories is essential for constructing a formidable and balanced army. Here are some of the most common troop categories in the game:


The infantry is the backbone of any militia. They are adaptable, well-rounded, and excel at close combat. Infantry units are efficient against other infantry and can withstand moderate damage. They are necessary for securing and defending your base and engaging in ground combat.


Snipers are experts with long-range rifles. They specialize in precise, high-damage, long-range assaults. Snipers are indispensable for eliminating enemy commanders, eliminating high-value targets, and supporting your frontline soldiers from a distance. Before engaging in direct combat, they are particularly effective against infantry and can weaken hostile forces.


Artillery units are experts with heavy weapons who can initiate devastating long-range attacks. They shower adversary positions with explosive shells, causing significant area-of-effect damage. Artillery forces excel at breaching fortified defenses, destroying structures, and weakening large adversary forces. However, they are susceptible to direct assaults, making their protection essential.


The term “vehicles” refers to a variety of armored formations, including tanks and armored personnel carriers. These forces provide superior protection, mobility, and firepower on the battlefield. They can withstand significant damage, engage the adversary head-on, and provide cover and protection for other troop types. Vehicles are efficient against infantry and have a substantial impact on the outcomes of battles.

Unique Forces:

Special Forces troops are elite, highly trained units with specialized abilities. They excel in a variety of combat situations, including covert operations and swift attacks against high-value targets. Special Forces units possess unique abilities, such as concealment, sabotage, and increased damage, which make them valuable assets in certain circumstances. They can infiltrate adversary bases, disrupt supply lines, and alter the course of battles.

Zombie Troops:

Additionally, the Last Empire War Z Strategy features zombie troops that are distinct from human soldiers. The legions of zombies are ruthless, fearless, and immune to moral effects. They annihilate their foes through pure numbers and tenacity. On the battlefield, zombie troops frequently serve as a frontal assault or diversion while other troops administer precise damage.

Last Empire MOD APK (Unlimited Diamonds/Coins/VIP)

In Last Empire: War Z Strategy, you can unlock and upgrade numerous items to improve your base, troops, and overall gameplay experience. These items provide advantageous enhancements, abilities, and benefits. Here are some of the most important items to acquire and upgrade:


Unlock and upgrade various types of structures within your base to boost resource production, research capabilities, troop training efficiency, defensive structures, and other vital functions. Prioritize the renovation of resource-generating structures, research facilities, hospitals, barracks, and defensive installations to bolster the foundation of your base.


Investigate and unlock advanced technologies to acquire significant advantages in multiple game aspects. Concentrate on technologies that enhance resource production, troop combat effectiveness, defensive capabilities, and base growth. Modernizing your research facilities enables you to access higher-level technologies and maintain a competitive advantage over your rivals.

Troop Upgrades:

Regularly improve the combat capabilities and survivability of your soldiers. Enhance their equipment, weapons, and armor to improve their attack damage, defense, and overall battlefield effectiveness. In addition, acquire and improve the skills and abilities of your troops to gain tactical advantages in various combat situations.

Commander Skills:

Invest in the unlocking and upgrading of commander talents to enhance your leadership abilities and earn bonuses for your entire army. In addition to increased resource production, accelerated training of troops, enhanced combat performance, and specialized strategic abilities, commander abilities can also result in increased resource production and enhanced combat performance. Focus on skills that correspond to your preferred playing style and goals.


Heroes are powerful characters that can be recruited, upgraded, and used to command your troops while providing unique bonuses. Unlock new champions and upgrade their abilities to improve troop attributes, increase resource production, or acquire unique combat abilities. Choose shrewdly and invest in the growth of your heroes, as each has unique advantages and benefits.

Items and Equipment:

Acquire and upgrade various items and equipment to further improve the performance of your soldiers. These items can enhance attack, defense, health, mobility, and other attributes. Obtain rare and potent equipment via in-game events, rewards, and player-to-player trades. Upgrading items increase their efficacy and equips your soldiers for combat.

Alliance Technologies:

Invest in alliance technologies and collaborate with your alliance members. These technologies provide collective advantages to all alliance members, including increased resource production, troop enhancements, research speed increases, and enhanced defensive capabilities. Upgrading alliance technologies contributes to the alliance’s overall dominance.

Defensive Structures:

Unlock and improve defensive structures within your base to strengthen your defenses against enemy assaults. These structures consist of walls, gates, lookout platforms, traps, and other defensive installations. Strengthening your defensive structures increases the resiliency of your base and deters potential attackers.

Event Benefits and Rewards:

Earn valuable rewards and bonuses by participating in in-game events and completing assignments. These rewards may consist of resources, items, equipment, or transient enhancements to various gameplay aspects. Use these rewards strategically to advance faster and obtain an advantage over other players.

Download Last Empire MOD APK on Apkmodyget

Last Empire MOD APK latest version is available to download here on Apkmodyget for Android. Here you can also download Minecraft Pocket Edition MOD APK


Congratulations! You now have valuable insights into the Last Empire MOD APK and are prepared to surpass your rivals. You will be well on your way to dominating the post-apocalyptic world of Last Empire: War Z if you prioritize establishing a strong base, forging alliances, and refining your combat skills. Remember that adaptability and continuous growth are essential for survival. In this thrilling game, gather your resources, rally your forces, and emerge as the ultimate survivor!


Q: Does the game include events and challenges?

Yes, the game contains events and challenges that provide rewards and additional gameplay options. Participate in these events to acquire unique rewards and items.

Q: Last Empire War Z Strategy: Is it free to play?

The Last Empire War Z Strategy can be downloaded and played at no cost. It does, however, offer in-app purchases for players who desire to acquire additional in-game items or speed up certain gameplay aspects.

Q: Can alliances be formed with other players?

Yes, it is possible to establish alliances with other players. Alliances offer advantages such as resource sharing, cooperative gameplay, and battle reinforcements.

Q: Does the game feature single-player missions?

Yes, single-player missions in Last Empire: War Z Strategy enable you to advance through a story-driven campaign and earn rewards.

Download Last Empire MOD APK v1.0.397 (Unlimited Diamonds/Coins/VIP) for Android

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