Hide ‘N Seek! MOD APK 1.9.35 (Unlimited Money, coins)

Hide ‘N Seek! MOD APK 1.9.35 (Unlimited Money, coins)

Download Hide 'N Seek!, and get unlimited money and coins with this MOD APK. Play either as a seeker or as a hider and build your shelters.

Android Android Action
3.7 ( 930 ratings )
Price: $0
Name Hide 'N Seek!
Publisher Supersonic Studios LTD
Genre Action
Size 116 MB
Version 1.9.35
Update Aug 15, 2023
MOD Unlimited Money, coins
Get it On Google Play
Hide 'N Seek! is the most famous version in the Hide 'N Seek! series of publisher Supersonic Studios LTD
Mod Version 1.9.35
Total installs 100M+
Download (116 MB)

  • Unlimited money
  • Unlimited coins
  • Simple and colorful 3D visuals
  • Bigger maps as you progress
  • Use upgrades to make the search easier
  • Available to play on web and mobile devices
Note: Complete one level to get a lot of money and Coins!

Whats New

Major performance improvements on low-end devices

Hide ‘N Seek! MOD APK for Android

The game Hide ‘N Seek! MOD APK allows players to assume the role of either a person on the run or a person on the hunt. You have the option when playing this time-honored game, of taking on the part of either the seeker or the masked player. You have the option of playing the role of a seeker or a mystery individual.

Hide 'N Seek Mod Apk 1

If this is it, you have to find as many people as you can as quickly as you can. You can’t take any chances. Finding a spot where you can hide, such as a haystack, a meadow, an office, or even the depths of the ocean, is the alternative.

In addition, you may entirely change your character’s appearance by purchasing hundreds of different items of clothing using either real-world money or in-game cash. These items can be used to create a new look for your character. The Hide ‘N Seek! MOD APK includes a variety of features, some of which include high-quality 3D visuals, two-player co-op or solo play, entertaining and basic gameplay, and simple controls that only require one touch.

  • Architectural Adventures

is an innovative take on the time-honored game of “Hide and Seek,” in which players search for one another in several settings that are architecturally themed. Whether you actively seek them out or want to go under the radar, either way, you might end up playing the part. To escape being captured, you need to be mobile and constantly plot your next move. Within the confines of the map, people are free to travel anywhere of their choosing. In addition to the accolades that are bestowed upon one at certain junctures along the path to achievement. This is the kind of entertaining activity that will appeal to everyone who enjoys stimulating diversion but doesn’t call for too much mental effort. Hide ‘N Seek! MOD APK of cat and mouse won’t last very long due to the rapidity with which the rounds are played over and over again.

What is Hide ‘N Seek?

A fun three-dimensional game with stick figures, Hide N Seek is modeled by one of the first pastimes that people enjoyed engaging in. You don’t have to pay anything to play this game if you go to the website silvergames.com. You and your friends have almost probably participated in this activity at some point, be it at school, at the park, or even at your own house.

Hide 'N Seek Mod Apk Hide Find Or Be Found

If you are being pursued, you should try to conceal yourself behind barriers and move quickly. If you don’t, you’ll either have to keep looking for your opponents who are controlled by the computer, or you’ll have to pray that they die before your timer runs out.

Being quick-thinking and intelligent will serve you well as you compete with other players to obtain gems that can be used to purchase new stickman heads. Are you able to locate all of the concealed small people in a timely and exact manner? Will the guy who is after you be able to prevent you from obtaining all of the gems before you get caught? Hiding and seeking is a fun game to play.

The gameplay of Hide ‘N Seek! MOD APK

In the game of Hide ‘N Seek! MOD APK, you have the option of playing either the role of the person who hides or the one who searches for the other players. Similar to how people play “hide and seek” in the real world. You will take on the role of a person trying to “hide” something from another person, who will act as the “seeker.” Discovering the authentic you is the first step to becoming a seeker.

Hide 'N Seek Mod Apk Gameplay

You will advance to the following level if you complete each stage without being discovered within the allotted time limit of thirty seconds. To discover a group of individuals who have gone into hiding, you will need to disperse yourselves in a 3-2-1 pattern. You will be replaced by the person who discovers you during the next thirty seconds. Those who uncover it will have a certain piece of knowledge. The remaining ones are “captured” as soon as they enter your field of vision.

My opinion is that playing the role of the seeker in this game is more challenging than playing the role of the hider. A large maze is encircled by dazzling gold coins, which are appealing but difficult to concentrate on at the same time. If the person you’re seeking travels at the same rapid pace as you do, then the two of you are in the same boat. Just so you are aware, they will exit the room the moment you set foot inside it. There are only a minute and a half remaining. A seeker is unable to recognize anything or anybody until it is standing directly in front of them.

Playing Commands

  • Move mouse = look around
  • Left-click = interact with the objects and kids
  • WASD = move
  • Double Esc = show cursor

Therefore, to be a seeker, you need to be continually moving from one place to another and following roads for the strangest of motives. After making a sudden bend to the left while traveling to the right, continue directly north, then make a sharp curve to the south, and then retrace your steps to reach Road A. If the hidden person sees you, they won’t be able to flee even if they attempt. You will prevent them from doing so. There is a good chance that more individuals will be heading in your direction.

  • Less Challenging

As a result, playing the part of a cover-up artist is now much less challenging. Whoever conceals themselves can be discovered by anyone who searches for them (either NPCs or other players). If you can remain undetected for thirty seconds and consume a large number of gold coins, you will be able to fast advance through the game and purchase a wide variety of additional abilities. The maze will be entered by anything, such as a human banging on a cage door, when a predetermined length of time has elapsed.

You will receive a variety of advantages if you chat with the individual in person, which is a must for saving money. In virtually all cases, situations like these are effective as bait. Because the one who needs aid may be hidden behind the wall close to the individual who has begged for help, and they could be moving closer fast.

The essential point is as follows

You can consider the game “hide and seek” to be overly simplistic. Despite this, the difficulty of the planning and execution of this project should not be underestimated. When you engage in imaginative play with young children in your home, you may recognize that their thoughts are “horrific.” Because players are required to always make the most optimal choices for themselves, regardless of where they are in the game, In addition, it is dependent on you to devise effective strategies. Isn’t that a fantastic technique to assist your children in developing their cerebral as well as physical capabilities?

When conducting a guerilla attack, one strategy for finding people hiding is to make them believe you are moving slowly to trick them, and then to move very quickly and aggressively to capture them. You can also try to discover the persons who concealed items by engaging in odd behaviors, such as racing around the maze and consuming all of the gold coins you uncover. You have virtually an endless amount of options available to you as a hider to achieve your objectives, so long as you can accomplish them in less than thirty seconds.

The fact that this game may be played an infinite number of times is obscured by how straightforward it appears to be. You will then laugh, play, and leap in response to the “hazardous” things that they do.

High-Quality Video and Sound in Hide ‘N Seek MOD APK

  • Graphics

Hide ‘N Seek MOD APK may appear elementary, but it has its own interesting and amusing graphic aspects that keep you engaged despite its apparent simplicity. Due to its apparent simplicity and minimal system requirements, Hide ‘N Seek may be played on virtually any mobile device.

  • Artistic Sound and Music Expressions

Users of the Android operating system will be able to fully immerse themselves in the fun of Hide ‘N Seek! MOD APK owing to the game’s upbeat soundtrack and recognizable sound effects. There is relaxing music and amusing sound effects to keep you company while you struggle through challenging stages.

Features of Hide ‘N Seek! MOD APK

1. Make advantage of the straightforward controls that may be found on the touchscreen

Players of the Hide ‘N Seek app for Android can dive directly into the straightforward and time-honored game of hiding and seek. Probably the vast majority of you are already familiar with the guidelines, and those of you who aren’t will do so very quickly. The game has easy-to-use controls that are only just one touch, making it effortless to navigate the environment as either the Seeker or the Hider.

2. Enjoyment may be had through participating in both aspects of the game

In a game of hide-and-seek, you have the option of taking on the role of the Seeker or the Hider.

  • Seeker

If you choose to take on the role of this particular character, you will have a set amount of time to locate a specific number of other players. If you move more quickly and pay attention to the animated steps on the map, you will have an advantage over your opponents. It would be to your advantage to locate them and put them in custody while you continued your hunt for the other members of the team.

  • Hider

When the game begins, you will be put in control of a group of people who are tasked with coming up with a plan to evade the Seeker before the allotted amount of time expires. If the Seeker catches sight of you, you are imprisoned and the other players who are still alive are the only ones who can help you. You are the winner of the competition if you make it to the end of the game without being eliminated. You will have won the game in its entirety if you are successful in rescuing your companions.

3. There is no cap placed on the number of levels that may be completed

Regular gaming sessions of the stealthy game of hide-and-seek that is Hide ‘N Seek will soon be available for Android players. There are hundreds of levels to go through, and each one presents its unique challenges and opportunities for gain. As the game progresses and the challenges it presents get more difficult, your sense of immersion will remain strong.

4. Any gamer may enjoy casual and fun gaming

Because it is so simple to participate in a game of Hide ‘N Seek! MOD APK, players of the free mobile game Hide ‘N Seek never need to worry about being unable to play their game. There are several different levels to choose from, and each one has its own set of guidelines and difficulties. You are free to play the game in any sequence you like, enjoying the various stages as you go.

5. Physics and interactions that have the appearance of being real

The fascinating game Hide ‘N Seek MOD APK, which has genuine game mechanics and interactions between characters, is now available to be played by anybody who desires to do so. Have a good time while you travel the world with your ragdoll heroes. Either you may intentionally hurt someone to send them to the Seeker, or you can assist your pals whenever they find themselves in a difficult situation.

6. There are several maps, each with its unique environment in Hide ‘N Seek! MOD APK

The game of Hide ‘N Seek MOD APK is made more exciting by the fact that each of the game’s maps has its unique topography as well as its collection of in-game objects. You are free to play the entertaining mobile game whenever it suits your schedule. It may conceal itself in a variety of locations, including water pools, walls of a labyrinth, automobiles, and more. Because it includes both land and sea, the game may be played in a variety of different ways.

7. Access to exclusive ensembles

When playing Hide ‘N Seek MOD APK on an Android device, users have the option of customizing their avatars by dressing them in a variety of outfits. If you put on one of the various costumes that are offered, you may play the game Hide ‘N Seek MOD APK as a variety of characters, such as criminals, police officers, animals, and many other things.

8. Even if you are not connected to the internet, you can still play the game

If you are still intrigued, the exhilarating action of hiding’ N Seek may now be taken with you everywhere you go without the requirement of an active data connection. With the introduction of the offline smartphone version, the game will be accessible to more people and provide them with a greater sense of enjoyment.

9. There is no charge to enter this attraction in Hide ‘N Seek! MOD APK

Even though it includes a vast list of features, the game Hide ‘N Seek! MOD APK is completely free and can be played on any Android phone. You can obtain it from the Google Play Store, and once you do, you can immediately begin making use of some of the features it offers. However, to get the most out of a mobile game, you will need to watch advertisements and make purchases within the application itself.

10. Utilize our patch to unlock all the game has to offer in its entirety

Downloading the updated version of our application will let anyone who wants to play Hide ‘N Seek with no levels locked out at all. We provide you with a limitless amount of virtual money to spend within the game, there are no advertisements to interrupt your gameplay, and the program is free and easy for a large number of people to obtain. After downloading the Hide ‘N Seek! MOD APK from our website and reading the included instructions, you will be able to immediately begin playing the game.

11. Mini Game

Hide 'N Seek Mod Apk Mini Game.

Hide ‘N Seek MOD APK Android App more Features

  • There Is No Cap On The Amount Of Money
  • Gained Access to All Paid Content
  • Unrestricted Gold Bars
  • With over a hundred levels, your entertainment options are practically endless!
  • Without the Modification of Annoying Commercials
  • Beautiful and original 3D graphics
  • Get to know the game from both sides by playing as the seeker and the hider.
  • Absolute liberty to play in whatever way you see fit
  • Unparalleled efficacy
  • Entertaining, entertaining, and addicting

What’s new in Hide ‘N Seek! MOD APK

Hide 'N Seek Mod Apk Coins

  • Corrections to bugs and enhanced functionality
  • Unlimited coins
  • Unlimited Money

Key Features of Hide ‘N Seek! v1.9.35

Beautiful and unique 3D visuals
Play either as seeker or hider
Complete freedom to play however you like
High performance
Fun, relaxing, and addictive


A second option for people interested in playing the fantastic casual mobile game Join Hide ‘N Seek! MOD APK is now available. Players on Android will keep coming back to this mobile game since it is based on hide-and-seek, a timeless classic, and because the game’s levels and gameplay are unrestricted. If you like the game so far, you’ll love the updated version, which you can get from our website.

Download the Method of Hide ‘N Seek! MOD APK

Here are the steps I am going to tell you about the process of downloading the Hide ‘N Seek! MOD APK

step 1

Click on download

Step 2

Next again click on the download option

Step 3

Now Click on your required version of the app or game

Step 4

Finally, click on the download option

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Download (116 MB)

You are now ready to download Hide 'N Seek! for free. Here are some notes:

  • Please check our installation guide.
  • To check the CPU and GPU of Android device, please use CPU-Z app

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