Evony: The King’s Return Guide, & Complete info (General Guide)

Evony: The King’s Return Guide, & Complete info (General Guide)

Evony: The King's Return full guide of pin-pulling puzzles. A complete overview of Evony maps, Generals, cultures, and rewards.

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Evony: The King’s Return Guide

Evony: The King’s Return, originally Civony, is a game that has been ported from its original Flash version to a mobile-friendly engine. This game, which is available on both Google Play and the App Store, challenges players to stake their claim in the realm of Evony and climb to become monarch of the City of Throne.

Choose Your Beginning Culture Wisely

When you swap cultures, The King’s Return offers three cultural bonuses, as well as two subordinate city parks, for a total of five bonuses.

Evony Culture Guide

Culture switches cost gems, but queueing up a big batch of traps to train, troops to heal, tributes to offer, or technology to research can take advantage of each culture’s perks efficiently.


Early game PVE is strong, thanks to boosted cavalry. Profitable on the defensive.

Evony Culture Europe

Europe is a good early to mid-game option.

Europe has a 10% increase in stone production, a 5% increase in mounted troop attacks, and a 5% increase in march speed to monsters. These boosts provide Europe with an immediate advantage in PVE, with superior cavalry and a faster march time versus monster targets. These boosts are especially effective against large targets like Boss Rallies.

Stone production is fine for a rookie player because you’ll need a lot of it for infrastructure and defensive units like traps and abatis. When it comes to training human units, however, stone does nothing.


Improved node utilisation. Quicker research.

Evony Culture China

China gains from increased force burden, increased ground troop attack, and increased research pace. As a result of the greater troop load, China gets a lot more mileage out of resource nodes because each of its units can carry more items. Because of the increased use of ground troops, Chinese players will most likely employ infantry-heavy armies.

China’s biggest advantage is its 3% research speed boost. Because research can easily consume days, any minor boost will be beneficial.


Increased infantry survivability and faster food production. Increased crafting speed.

Evony Culture Japan

The Japanese are master craftsmen, and their defensive infantry can hold the line longer than other fighters.

Japan has a 10% increase in food production, a 5% increase in ground troop defence, and an 8% increase in crafting speed. Unlike Europe’s stone bonus, Japan’s food bonus is almost always relevant, as food is required to train and maintain a standing army. Because of the increase in ground troop defence, your infantry can sustain greater damage. This also means your ranged units will have better coverage. Ideally.

Japan’s strongest advantage is the Katana Forging passive, which grants +8% crafting speed. If you choose Japan, keep in mind that you won’t be crafting until the mid-game.


Rangers with high PVP potential. Healing time is reduced.

Evony Culture Korea

Korea prefers to delegate the task to its archers, who have access to deadly bows and arrows from the woods.

Korea has a passive benefit that increases timber output by 10%, ranged unit attack by 5%, and healing speed by 5%. For Korean sovereigns, ranged PVP is the name of the game because their rangers are second to none – but make sure to assist in the shape of other units. Korea’s increased timber production complements its plan of nearly entirely training ranged troops.

Korea’s final benefit is a 5% increase in healing speed, which is ideal if you’ve been involved in multiple fights and have a lot of wounded high-tier units.


Increased gold revenue, which is crucial for almost everything. Increased army training efficiency.

Evony Culture America

Despite being the game’s youngest civilization, America is more than ready to prove its worth.

America has a gold levy of +5%, siege machine assault speed of +5%, and training speed of +3%. While stone is less important, and food, timber, and ore are used to train units, gold is always required. Obtaining extra gold from your levies is thus a very strong benefit. This gold can subsequently be utilised to construct war machines, resulting in a more offensive strategy.

America’s most significant advantage is its accelerated training pace. Although 3% is a little percentage, it implies you’ll be producing units faster right away. Practically every player can benefit from this perk.


Late-game defence force.

Evony Culture Russia

Russia possesses strong defensive benefits that allow them to dominate the early game.

Russia’s passives include increased ore production by 10%, mounted troop defence by 5%, and trap building speed by 10%. Because of the increased mineral production, Russia will have an easier time training more advanced forces when the time comes. Greater troop protection means your cavalry will be more survivable, requiring fewer resources to train and heal. Finally, a 10% increase in trap manufacturing speed means that fortifying your citadels with high-power traps is considerably easier. Make them regret ever setting foot on your property!


Unique advantages that necessitate specific actions, such as daily Shrine Offerings.

Evony Culture Arabia

Arabia’s daring merchants find ways to maximise the profit that no one else can.

Arabia has a +5% gem gathering speed benefit, a +5% mounted troop Health buff, and a +5% offering bonus. These advantages are one-of-a-kind, so make sure you can take advantage of them before choosing Arabia.

Improved gem collection speed helps you to smash and grab more in hotly disputed gem mines – though keep in mind that there are alternative safer ways to earn gems. Higher cavalry HP equals better resilience, especially for units with more basic HP than defence; keep this in mind when you prioritise your development.

Finally, a 5% offering bonus allows you to get even more out of those tempting offering rewards. Join an alliance as soon as possible to begin farming tributes, and don’t forget about your daily offerings.

You can alter the culture once for free, and then every subsequent change costs 2000 gems.
The first option presented to you in Evony: The King’s Return is one of culture. Because you’ll only get a quick overview of these cultures, here’s a breakdown of each one.

Gnerals Guide in the game Evony

There are over a hundred epic and legendary generals in Evony The King’s Return and we collected and listed every purple and gold general in Evony.

Evony General:

  • Ranged / Archer Generals
  • Ground Generals
  • Mounted Generals
  • Siege Generals

Ranged / Archer Generals:

Evony Ranged Generals

Attacking Ranged/Archer Generals
Minamoto no Yoshitsune, Simeon the Great, Alfred the Great, Princess Kaguya, and Elektra are the best Attacking Ranged/Archer Generals.

Defending Ranged/Archer Generals
Minamoto no Yoshitsune, Zachary Taylor, Ly Thuong Kiet, Edward the Black Prince, and Gwanggaeto the Great are are the best Attacking Ranged/Archer Generals.

Monsters Ranged/Archer Generals
Minamoto no Yoshitsune, Simeon the Great, Alfred the Great, Princess Kaguya, and Elektra are the best Monsters Ranged/Archer Generals.

Reinforcing Ranged/Archer Generals
Dmitry is the best Reinforcing Ranged/Archer General.

Troops Ranged/Archer Generals
Thutmose is the best Troops Ranged/Archer Generals.

Ground Generals:

Ludwig Ground General Evony Guide

Attacking Ground Generals
Ludwig, Scipio Africanus, Elise, Alessandra,  and Trajan are the best Attacking Ground Generals.

Defending Ground Generals
Leonidas I, Trajan, Robert the Bruce, Peter the Great, and Oda Nobunaga are the best Defending Ground Generals

Monsters Ground Generals
Ludwig, Scipio Africanus, Elise, Alessandra, and Trajan are the best Monsters Ground Generals.

Troops Ground Generals
Elise, Guan Yu and Epaminondas are the best Troops Ground Generals.

Mounted Generals:

Attacking Mounted Generals
Ii Naomasa, Prince Eugene, Mordred, Hannibal, and Zhao Yun are the best Attacking Mounted Generals.

Defending Mounted Generals
Ii Naomasa, Queen Boudica, and Washington are the best Defending Mounted Generals.

Monsters Mounted Generals
Ii Naomasa,Aethelflaed, Prince Eugene, Mordred, and Hannibal are the best Monsters Mounted Generals.

Troops Mounted Generals
Bertrand du Guesclin is the best Monsters Mounted General.

Siege Generals:

Attacking Siege Generals
Petronas, Septimius Severus, Surena, Phillip II, and Ramesses II are the best Attacking Siege Generals.

Defending Siege Generals
Leo Ⅲ, Septimius Severus, Surena, Trần Hưng Đạo, and Emperor Qin Shihuang are the best Defending Siege Generals.

Monsters Siege Generals
Petronas, Septimius Severus, Surena, Phillip II, and Ramesses II are the best Monsters Siege Generals.

Troops Siege Generals
Phillip II is the best Monsters Siege General.

Generals’ Roles in the Game:

Generals in Evony: The King’s Return serve as figureheads for both your soldiers and the growth of your city.

Your Generals are units that don’t perform much on their own, but when assigned specialised tasks, they can significantly boost the effectiveness of your normal troops, workers, or facilities. For example, when you assign a General to command an army, they can boost the attack or defence of specific unit types, as well as grant a range of special advantages such as increasing march speed when approaching hostile NPCs or giving monsters a chance to drop extra loot when destroyed.

To use your Generals, you must first assign them to a position, which requires you to upgrade your Keep to level 16. Yet, depending on the situation, you can always appoint other generals to your army. Spartacus, for example, grants his men a massive 75% increased march speed when approaching NPC monsters on the map, but only while he is assigned as the group’s commander. Moreover, like Spartacus, countless other generals can provide their soldiers with a variety of bonuses both in and out of combat.

The Map of the World

While you’ll spend most of your time in Evony travelling around your city looking for things to build and enhance, the World Map is one of the most essential features of the game; it’s where you’ll find other players, NPC adversaries, NPC bases, and gathering areas, to name a few.

Maps Evony Trt Guide

One of the most important things you can do throughout your journey in this game is to develop the habit of gathering resources from the world map, because generating resources in your town simply takes too long, and you’ll eventually grow to the point where you have to wait days before you have enough materials for a single upgrade or building. Nevertheless, once your army is large enough, you’ll be able to dispatch them all to harvest resources, significantly increasing your accrual.

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You are now ready to download Evony: The King's Return for free. Here are some notes:

  • Please check our installation guide.
  • To check the CPU and GPU of Android device, please use CPU-Z app

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