Empires & Puzzles MOD APK v59.0.0 (Unlimited Gems/Food/Recruits)

Empires & Puzzles MOD APK v59.0.0 (Unlimited Gems/Food/Recruits)

Download Empires & Puzzles MOD APK latest version for Android with amazing emojis. Read out the Guide and tips for Empires & Puzzles calendar events, forum, and community. This game is a combo

Android Android Games
4.3 ( 895 ratings )
Price: $0
Name Empires & Puzzles: Match-3 RPG
Publisher Zynga
Genre Games
Size 184 MB
Version 59.0.0
Update Jun 27, 2023
MOD Unlimited Gems/Food/Recruits
Get it On Google Play
Empires & Puzzles: Match-3 RPG is the most famous version in the Empires & Puzzles: Match-3 RPG series of publisher Zynga
Mod Version 59.0.0
Total installs 50M+
Download (184 MB)

  • Unlimited Money
  • Unlimited Gold/God Mode
  • Food/Recruits

Whats New

Join the festivities and test your strength against divine foes in the Carnival of Gods ∙ The mythical Heroes from the Legends of Kalevala make their return ∙ Various improvements and bug fixe

What is Empires & Puzzles MOD APK?

Empires & Puzzles MOD APK is a premium version of Empires & Puzzles that allows you to utilize all of the game’s features without spending money or watching advertising. You don’t even need to spend time unlocking any of the objectives because you’re in God’s perspective and can accomplish whatever. MOD APK premium version is interpreted differently in different games, such as game MOD APK. You will have infinite gold coins, diamonds, or even levels, and you will be able to enjoy the game without making any effort. The advanced version of MOD APK removes charging elements in popular Applications, as well as many issues that need watching commercials to utilize. The green and clean versions are simple to use. And the Empires & Puzzles MOD APK is the High Damage version, so you may have a lot of fun.

About Empires & Puzzles: Match-3 RPG

Do you enjoy playing Android RPG games? It’s a pointless question because nearly no one in the entire globe does not enjoy playing RPG Android apps. What about the other abilities? RPG games can help us improve our simulation skills and delight ourselves, but we also need to exercise our minds. We also require brain-teasing activities daily to improve our cognitive abilities. Keeping all of this in mind, we’ve created an Android online game that is ready to provide you with the most amazing benefits you haven’t experienced before. Empires & Puzzles: Match-3 RPG is an Android+iOS game that is a work of art. This game not only amazes you with its RPG simulation but also provides you with the hardest match-3 puzzle levels at the same time.

Empires & Puzzles MOD Download Latest

Get Empires & Puzzles APK for Android

So, if you’re ready to challenge your brain with all of these amazing things, go to the Google Play Store and download Empires & Puzzles RPG Quest. However, it will not be worth your time because the official version has numerous in-app purchases. Except for the modified version known as Empires & Puzzles APK. This updated version includes all the wonderful features of the featured gaming interface.


Empires & Puzzles Apk Download

Empires & Puzzles transports you to a clean setting where you must begin to build your empire. Initially, the player chose the characters to form a team by passing through the magical gate. You can also only choose low-level heroes with moderate power. These characters are initially only suitable for fighting weak bosses. One thing to keep in mind during combat is to pay attention to the color of the champion you choose. If you break which colored stones in each fight, the corresponding champion of that color will get mana to perform skills.

But don’t get too carried away with monsters; you still need to build and renovate your home to make it a strong fortress. You’ll need to boost items like meat and metal to build constructions. To obtain them, you must first build farms, mines, and mining workers. Meat may be used to improve heroes and build some constructions, whilst metal can be used to build fortified strongholds.

Features of Empires & Puzzles MOD APK

Empires And Puzzles Forum

The system of characters:

The characters in Empires & Puzzles differ in terms of components and power. There are two types of characters: buff characters and harmful characters. Buffs grant characters abilities like healing, higher damage, and increased energy for companions. Vivica, Friar Tuck, Isarnia, and Renfeld are among the characters who benefit from the buff system. Damage champions such as Inari, Lianna, and Elena can deal damage in a variety of ways, including by dealing damage as a percentage of maximum HP and stunning.

The character’s strength is divided into stars, with the 5-star character being the most powerful and toughest to find. However, the qualities of each new player may be highly crucial in the team’s construction. Don’t pass up any opportunity to gain a new character. Collecting the hundreds of diverse characters in Empires & Puzzles takes a long time. Each character, in particular, has a pretty expensive power upgrading mechanism, so concentrate on your favorite.

A massive amount of levels:

Many stages are featured in Empires & Puzzles’ tale company mode. There are now over a hundred of them, but due to frequent updates, their number is expanding all the time. By finishing the campaign stage, players obtain fantastic incentives. There are numerous levels in which you must fight bots. Your band of heroes made up of five members, battles numerous enemies by gathering match-3 materials. Your hero refills attacks of the same hue based on the color of the crystals obtained. As soon as you have enough mana for the hero, you can use the character’s superpowers to attack the opponent.

Lead the Army in their fight against the Monsters:

Inside Empires & Puzzles, players will take on an entirely new role, commanding their army of heroes against humanity’s adversaries. As a result, you will enter a world populated by mythical creatures such as goblins and dragons. This gorgeous game’s graphics allow players to feel at ease and engaged in the world it creates. Simultaneously, gamers will relearn a clear and familiar style of play.

Empires & Puzzles MOD APK Download For Android

The game screen of the match-three game, which many people are familiar with, appears next to those outstanding images. Players will see their character as well as the adversaries that emerge above the screen. Simultaneously, a screen with match-three elements of various colors will appear between the two character lines corresponding to the heroes in the match. In this game, these elements serve as shields as well as the force that hits the enemy.

Defeat Evil Entities:

Your mission is simple: use the match steps in Empires & Puzzles to deal a specified amount of damage to the enemy. In other words, you will strive to match as many functions as possible to optimize your attack. Furthermore, the forces that appear behind the shield will provide energy to the heroes you control.

The heroes you use in combat will be colored differently and will match the shields on the field. When three or more elements are matched, the shields assault the adversary and restore a set quantity of mana to the heroes. Simultaneously, this is an important component when you will be able to release the heroes’ abilities on the game screen. So make moves that are both precise and impressive.

Shields will be associated with specific heroes, and you will have a strategy in place to fully utilize this process. At the same time, each turn will be counted by completing a complete match or match combos, followed by the enemy’s strike. As a result, functional elements such as a Dragon shield or Shard must be created. They will assist in making successive attacks on adversaries while depleting a large portion of their health.

Build Your Kingdom in the Game 

Aside from the spectacular matches, Empires & Puzzles also requires you to establish kingdoms and fight foes. You will see squares on which you can construct buildings, with each building serving a particular purpose. Training camps, for example, will assist ordinary soldiers in becoming heroes, while houses will expand the number of heroes available.

Empires & Puzzles Puzzles Game

You can gain heroes with completely distinct attributes and belonging to one of five different colors in a variety of methods. You can’t disregard the gacha system to summon the heroes you desire in addition to the above summoning approach. There are many different banners in this game that you may spend a lot of resources on to gain the appropriate heroes. At the same time, each banner will introduce you to a different type of hero.

Unlock Legendary Heroes in Empires & Puzzles MOD APK

Empires & Puzzles Unlock Legendary Heroes

Empires & Puzzles emoji

Empires & Puzzles Emoji

MOD Features

Unlimited Gems:

More resources are required to keep the game entertaining as the action becomes more exciting. Gems are the major materials required. They are frequently used to improve. You can enhance your hero’s abilities by leveling up, buying special packages from the shop, and so on. Use gems to bypass the need to wait for buildings to improve, advance, or level up. You can get them by winning titan battles, completing missions, watching mystic films, fulfilling assignments, or spending real money. There are various ways to obtain gems or at least some gems. Instead of working hard to collect enough gems for your game, you may get an infinite number of gems using our Empires & Puzzles Mod APK. Get yourself a lot of valuable materials. Don’t be concerned about how you can generate more gems with the methods supplied by this game. There are only a few free options.

Unlimited Food:

The second resource in Empires & Puzzles MOD APK android mobile game is food. Farms produce food resources. Hams are used to signify food. Food, on the other hand, is utilized at training camps to train heroes. enhance mines and the watchtower, as well as create resources in the forges using Food. Food is very important in Empires & Puzzles Mod APK. Having infinite resources is advantageous. Master your troops to build the most advanced farm, mining, dwellings, forges, barracks, strongholds, and all structures.

Unlock all items:

Craft items are used to help your hero squad before combat. The items improve their strength, heal them, increase their damage, and raise their protection. However, to craft items, you must enhance the forges. You can produce a variety of things as you level up. Everything in Empires & Puzzles MOD APK is unlocked. You don’t have to waste time producing things. In the game, you can obtain things such as those shown in the photographs below.

Iron indefinitely:

You can’t make anything in Empires & Puzzles MOD APK without iron. Mines are essential for the production of iron. Iron resources aid homes, strongholds, iron storage, forges, farms, and food storage. In addition to the other resources needed, a barrack requires 250 000 iron resources. You will greatly profit from having infinite iron. No longer need to save money for the most important expenses. You are free to use the iron resources however you see fit. With the help of endless food, you can improve the iron storage buildings. They are essential since you will have endless iron from now on and will need a place to store it all. Download Empires & Puzzles Mod APK from the link at the bottom of the page and enjoy all of its features.

No Ads:

If you previously enjoyed this game but had to uninstall it due to ad interruptions, download Empires & Puzzles RPG Quest MOD APK right now and begin playing all of your favorite gaming modes with all unlocked heroes and infinite diamonds on an ad-free gaming interface.

Empires & Puzzles forum

Official Community Forum for Empires & Puzzles by Small Giant Games.

Empires & Puzzles Forum Rules before starting:

  • Any vulgar or offensive behavior is not tolerated. Please be considerate of your fellow players.
  • Harassment, hate speech, or offensive language directed at other players is not tolerated. Please be mindful of your language usage.
  • Do not post any content that is sexually explicit, racist, abusive, or disrespectful. It is not permitted to post NSFW (Not Safe For Work) videos or images.
  • Be civil and refrain from flaming, naming and shaming, or insulting other players. Nobody enjoys trolls. Please, no matter how heated the debate, remain civil.
  • Respect must be shown to all players and staff. Bullying or disrespecting other forum members or staff is not permitted.
  • Spamming is strictly prohibited. Please do not post advertisements, offers, competitor materials, promotions, or misinformation.
  • Each user may only have one (1) forum account. Multiple forum accounts created and used may result in a permanent ban on all accounts.
    Before publishing anything, browse over the categories and announcements. Duplicate threads will be removed. For example, Alliance recruitment ads are classified as Alliance Recruitment, and all support concerns are classified as Bugs & Issues.
  • completely irrelevant Topics are not permitted. Please only post subjects that fall under the pre-defined forum categories. In this sense, irrelevant refers to all non-game-related things.
  • Do not misuse the forum’s Flagging feature. Falsely flagging other users’ content may result in the suspension and/or blocking of your account.
  • Respect people’s privacy. It is forbidden to post your own or another person’s personal information.
  • Spreading fake information or impersonating any athlete or staff member is prohibited.
  • Any illicit activity or content sharing is strictly prohibited. Please do not post any pirated content (warez) or any other unlawful stuff.
    Do not discuss or dispute any disciplinary actions taken by staff, moderators, or support in public. Account and in-game chat bans or warnings, as well as forum moderation, fall under this category (suspensions, silences, topic closures, or post removals). It is completely forbidden to post any private communications or e-mails (regardless of subject) received from staff, moderators, or support.
  • The English language is primarily permitted. On this forum, we do not officially support any other languages. In the [Foreign Languages] 675 categories, you can write in a foreign language. Some of our active members occasionally assist with translations there. Please keep in mind that foreign language support cannot be guaranteed.
  • Do not incite or urge others to violate the Forum Rules or Terms of Service.

Tips for a Better Game Experience

  • Maintain your kingdom by making only peaceful judgments. If you have to make a decision that could cause upheaval in your empire, always consider the potential implications before making a decision.
  • Make a point of investigating every level of your empire. There are numerous hidden resources and treasures just waiting to be discovered!
  • Keep an eye on your finances and use your resources wisely. You will need to make careful choices about how to allocate your wealth to maximize your empire’s growth.
  • Keep an eye on the political landscape of your empire and make sure to keep your allies happy. The strength of your alliance network will impact both your military power and economic prosperity.
  • Always be prepared for war! It is never too late to build up an army and protect your empire from future attacks.
  • Don’t forget about morale, and make sure you have the resources required to run a successful campaign!

Empires & Puzzles calendar

Empires And Puzzles Calendar

Monthly Challenge Events:

  • Pirates of Corellia
  • Riddles of Wonderland
  • Fables of Grimforest
  • Guardians of Teltoc
  • Knights of Avalon

Costume Event:

The Costume Event is back from hiatus end of 2019 and we will see it appear every month again. It’s normally happening on the 3rd Monday of each month but there’s no confirmation from the developers about it, yet. So take this as my assumption.

Atlantis Rises:

Happens normally on the 4th weekend of every month unless there’s any interference with any seasonal event.

Download Empire and Puzzles MOD APK (Unlimited Gold/God Mode) for Android

You can download Empire and Puzzles MOD APK with amazing features to enjoy in its Gameplay. You may also install other puzzles game like Tap Away MOD APK


Empire and Puzzles MOD APK is a well-designed game with some interesting additional elements such as boss battles, items, and pets. It’s a turn-based strategy game about conquering the globe and making the most of your resources. You can conquer your foes with the assistance of other countries by assaulting their territory and claiming it as your own. Diplomacy can also be used to establish relations with other countries by giving resources. The game is free to play, but there are in-app payments for purchasing gems to speed up the game or more money for more building supplies. However, purchasing gems is not essential because you may complete all of the levels without making any in-app payments. This game will keep you entertained for hours and is awarded four stars out of five on Google Play.


What is the best way to make money on Empire and Puzzles?

To earn money in this game, you must collect woodcutters, miners, stonecutters, and other resources to upgrade your buildings such as archery ranges, barracks, and stables. Weapons and armor can also be made at the blacksmith’s building using iron ore obtained from mines.

Is it possible to get Empire and Puzzles MOD APK for free?

No, only the modded version is available for free.

Are there any in-app purchases for this Empire and Puzzles APK?

No, there are no further purchases in this program, and you can play all levels for free. However, you should spend real money to purchase some gems or coins to save your progress. There is one drawback to this: if you misplace your phone or forget to charge the device, you will lose all of your work because there is no Cloud support!

Download Empires & Puzzles MOD APK v59.0.0 (Unlimited Gems/Food/Recruits) for Android

4.3 🧑 2.32M+ total
5 ⭐
4 ⭐
3 ⭐
2 ⭐
1 ⭐

Download (184 MB)

You are now ready to download Empires & Puzzles: Match-3 RPG for free. Here are some notes:

  • Please check our installation guide.
  • To check the CPU and GPU of Android device, please use CPU-Z app

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