CapCut MOD APK v8.9.0 Premium Unlocked

CapCut MOD APK v8.9.0 Premium Unlocked

Download CapCut MOD APK Premium Unlocked latest version for Android. CapCut is a free Video Editing App and Video Maker with Music for TikTok and other social media apps.

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Name CapCut - Video Editor
Publisher Bytedance Pte Ltd
Genre Apps
Size 199 MB
Version 8.9.0
Update Aug 9, 2023
MOD Premium Unlocked
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CapCut - Video Editor is the most famous version in the CapCut - Video Editor series of publisher Bytedance Pte Ltd
Mod Version 8.9.0
Total installs 500M+
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"We've introduced and upgraded some features to help you make even more amazing videos 1. Performance and user experience optimizations"

Description of CapCut MOD APK

The PRO version of CapCut APK is CapCut MOD APK. You may quickly perform all chores and requirements in it by using the CapCut MOD APK. You frequently need to invest a lot of time or money to receive easy rewards, but by using CapCut Mod APK, you may often reach your goals in a very short period. CapCut Mod APK is an excellent technique to outperform your competitors. CapCut APK’s latest version is now available for free download on apkmodyget. This technique is free, and you can utilize it with confidence.

What is CapCut APK?

CapCut APK is a fantastic Android app for immediately capturing life moments and creating great videos on your Smartphone. The application allows anyone to freely produce videos. It also has advanced editing features. As a result, you can only make flawless films with your smartphone.

Despite having high-end editing features, the software is surprisingly user-friendly. The app requires no editing knowledge to use. Instead, the user interface is straightforward.

Introduction to CapCut a video editing app for Android

CapCut (Viamaker) is a feature-rich video editor for Android devices that makes post-production of audiovisual projects simple. You can use this software to add clips, cut clips, change settings, and add music and stickers to them.

CapCut MOD APK For Android

CapCut video editing is based on editing a timeline, and you can add different features on different levels to bring out the best in your projects. Not only that, but you can alter any aspect of the video to your satisfaction.

CapCut – Video Editor latest version

CapCut – Video Editor – is a specialized video editor for mobile devices that explains the collection of tasks and capabilities. As a result, this application combines a strong editor with a variety of effects, filters, and themes, as well as features for making GIFs and working with static pictures.

CapCut MOD APK Latest Version

A music editor with an integrated library of audio effects and music, as well as a full-featured recorder with video viewing capabilities, will round out the features. The sophisticated interface and integrated modules will allow you to not only create a real clip in a matter of minutes, but also to share it on TikTok, Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, or WhatsApp.

How to Use CapCut APK to Improve Video Quality

Video editing is no longer only associated with computers, and we now have many apps accessible in various shops to edit videos of all types on our smartphones. Among all the alternatives accessible, one sticks out above the rest, and that is CapCut. This one, created by the same people who created the popular social network TikTok, allows you to edit vertical films of all kinds in relatively few steps, making it perfect for both skilled editors and newbies with little expertise. The application allows us to increase the quality of our films, among other things, and in this post, we will provide you with a series of directions and procedures so that you may do it yourself.

In CapCut APK, how can you modify the size and format of a video?

CapCut comes to mind while discussing video editing apps for cell phones. This application, which is owned by the developers of the popular TikTok network, combines a great variety of editing tools with a basic design that is very easy to learn for individuals with little experience in video editing. You may adjust the size and format of any video, among other things, and we’ll show you how to do it from your smartphone in this article.

CapCut MOD APK – Video Editor and Maker

Today’s youth are increasingly using video editing software. If you’re seeking it, CapCut is a good option. Simple to use with interesting effects. Video playback speed and sharpness can be adjusted. When you add music to a video, you get something for free. For videos, apply color filters. Most dazzling to draw attention to the video. CapCut’s color possibilities, I believe, will astound you. Previous series of brightly colored sets.

Features of CapCut MOD APK Download

CapCut MOD APK Download

Fundamental video editing CapCut APK:

  • Clips can be trimmed and tightened, and videos can be split or merged.
  • Change the speed of the video from 0.1x to 100x and add speed curves to clips.
  • Use fantastic zoom-in/out effects to animate video clips.
  • Use the reverse/rewind option to create intriguing video clips for social media.
  • Use the freeze tool to highlight the best moments in clips and vlogs.
  • Experiment with transition effects on cut points between clips.

Expert video editor:

  • All settings support keyframe video animation.
  • Use the optical flow feature and speed curve tool to edit videos to produce seamless slow motion.
  • Remove certain colors from videos using the chroma key.
  • Use the Picture-in-Picture (PIP) tool to easily merge video and photo layers over the clip.
  • The video stabilization feature keeps video footage stable.

Unique traits in CapCut APK:

  • Auto captions: automate speech recognition and video subtitles.
  • Free background removal: automatically removes people from videos.
  • Popular styles: Take use of innovative and frequently updated features such as 3D zoom, auto velocity, and more.

Stickers and text:

  • Add text to films in a variety of fonts and styles, and discover the right subtitle font with customizable text templates. It is possible to import subtitle font formats.
  • Subtitles can be added to the timeline of video tracks, relocated, and changed all at once.

CapCut MOD APK Premium Unlocked

  • Match video content with several filters that are updated regularly to reflect the most recent trends.
  • Edit videos with hundreds of popular effects like Glitches, Blur, 3D, and more.
  • Apply movie-style video filters or change the color of the video by adjusting the brightness, contrast, and so on.

Sound Effects and Music in CapCut Video Editing App:

Download CapCut Video Editing App

  • Use millions of music clips and sound effects to add music to videos.
  • Sign in to sync your TikTok playlists.
  • Video audio, snippets, and recordings can be extracted.

Simple to Distribute:

  • Video export resolution can be customized, and the HD video editor supports 4K 60fps outputs and smart HDR.
  • Change the format and post your work on TikTok and other social media networks.

Free all-in-one video editing:

CapCut is a free all-in-one video editing and video creator tool that includes everything you need to make beautiful, high-quality videos.

Download CapCut MOD APK

Beginners may get started with CapCut in seconds, while advanced users can enjoy all of the video editing tools they want. With exclusive video editor and movie maker functions, you may express your originality. When your music video is finished, you can share it on social media with a single click, gaining everyone’s likes, comments, and attention.


Working with panels is a simple interface.
Rich copyrighted music
A collection of templates for usage
Effects, filters, and transitions that are currently popular
More than 20 languages are available.
Exporting is simple.


The amount of additional tracks is rather limited.
Lack of powerful color grading tools that maintain clip consistency at a more flexible level
Some features’ accuracy flaws, such as the removal of the backdrop and body affects
Smartphones and tablets do not support landscape mode.
It is not possible to set a frame rate higher than 60 FPS.

CapCut: How to Use It:

CapCut is a free video editor created by the same company that created TikTok. After its global launch in April 2020, this simple video editing app will quickly capture a large share of the editing market. After all, TikTok’s large user base aids in the growth of the CapCut app.

So, how do you use CapCut to easily create videos for sharing or just for fun? We put together a comprehensive guide to making good edits with CapCut, covering everything from creating a new project to applying basic edits, exploring advanced features, and exporting the video.

1: Download and launch the CapCut app.

2: Click the “New Project” button to start a new project.

3: Tap to select one or more video clips, then tap Add.

4: Begin working on the timeline.

How to Trim Videos in CapCut:

After adding videos to the timeline, use CapCut to cut them as follows:

1: Tap the video clip; white frames will appear around it.
2: Tap and hold the white edge of the video, then drag it to cut it.
3: To retrieve trimmed sections, drag them to the opposite place.
4: When you trim videos by dragging the margins, the neighboring clips move along with you. In this manner, there will be no gaps (and thus no black screens) in your project.

If you wish to remove a piece in the center, divide the video and delete the clip in the middle. Continue reading below.

How to Split Clips in CapCut:

To split a video clip in CapCut, do the following:

1: Make sure the video clip is selected by tapping it.
2: At the bottom of CapCut, click the Split icon.

You can perform the following modifications by splitting the video:

1: After constructing the split, add transitions in between;
2: To remove unnecessary bits, tap the split clip and then tap the Delete symbol at the bottom of the screen.
3: Insert new video clips between two existing ones.

How to Resize Videos in CapCut:

When trying to share videos on specific social channels, the original video you made for another platform may not fit. Resizing videos in CapCut allows you to optimize your video for social media and provide a better viewing experience for your followers.

Follow these methods to resize videos in CapCut:

1: ap the video clip whose size you want to modify.
2: At the bottom of the editor, tap the Format icon.
3: Select another aspect ratio.

For example, if you wish to convert horizontal videos to vertical videos to better match TikTok, you can utilize the 9:16 aspect ratio.
Some parts of the movie will undoubtedly be chopped or surrounded by black bars when resized. You can use the Canvas function to clean the video in this scenario.

1: After adjusting the format, tap the Canvas icon in the bottom toolbar.
2: To change the backdrop color, tap the Color icon.
3: Use the Background tool to insert images into the movie background.

CapCut Video Mirroring Instructions:

Mirroring a video is a technique for flipping it horizontally or creating an interesting effect when two films are placed side by side and each is reflected the other on the horizontal axis.
Follow these methods to mirror a video horizontally in CapCut:

1: Once the video clips have been imported into CapCut.
2: When the toolbar appears at the bottom, select the Edit menu.
3: Another Edit option will appear directly between the Extract Audio and Filters tools; touch it.
4: Select the Mirror tool from the Edit menu.

CapCut Video Rotation to Change Orientation:

1: Make a new project, then add video clips from your camera roll by clicking the Add button.
2: Click on the first Edit button to open the video editing toolbar.
3: Select Rotate from the second Edit button.

To create motion effects, rotate the video in CapCut using keyframes.

Rotate the video in CapCut using keyframes.
If you want to make video rotating effects like those popular videos that rotate movies and selfie shots, follow these steps:

1: Open CapCut and import video clips or images.
2: To add a Keyframe, tap the clip and then the Keyframe icon. The Keyframe icon is located beneath the preview window, near the Play button (see screenshots above).
3: Tap the clip and swipe to the right to relocate it, then tap the Keyframe button again to create another Keyframe.
4: While still on the second Keyframe, squeeze and rotate the clip with two fingers in the preview window.
5: Repeat steps 3 and 4 to advance and generate the third Keyframe, and then pinch and rotate the clip. You can rotate it 360 degrees, 180 degrees, or any other angle you like.
Playback will show the footage rotating in place. You can also make adjustments till you are satisfied with the outcome.

If you’re wondering how the Keyframe works, here’s an explanation: the first Keyframe keeps the clip in its original state, with no rotation or zoom-in, and the second Keyframe rotates the clip. As a result, the video begins to transition from the original state to another one with a different rotation angle and scale from Keyframe 1 to Keyframe 2, resulting in animation.

How to Change CapCut’s Speed?

CapCut has two-speed adjustment modes: Normal and Curve.

The Normal option allows you to speed up or slow down the video at a fixed rate, such as 2x, 4x, 8x, and so on; the Curve option expands your editing options, with the speed altering non-linearly to produce effective speed ramping effects.

To use the constant speed modifier in CapCut, do the following:

1: Tap the Speed icon next to the video clip on the timeline.
2: Select Normal to vary the speed at a steady rate.
3: Use the slider to slow the movie down to 0.1x or speed it up to 100x.
4: Toggle the Pitch option to determine whether the audio pitch changes when the video speed changes.
You can read the complete tutorial on making velocity effects, including auto velocity effects, to learn how to use the speed curves in CapCut.

CapCut’s graphs feature can help you work faster while building transitions, 3D zoom effects, or keyframes.

You can use CapCut’s speed modifier to create an interesting Slomo film (slow motion) to highlight a significant point, such as creating the bullet time effects.

In CapCut, how can you reverse a video?

Reversing a video can result in intriguing effects like shattered glasses being restored or ripped paper merging into one.

1: In CapCut, add a video to the project.
2: Tap on the video clip, then swipe down the toolbar.
3: Swipe to the right until the Reverse icon appears.
4: Tap it to rewind the video.

How to Replace a CapCut Clip?

CapCut’s ability to replace films or images is a useful function. You won’t have to go to the trouble of trimming and modifying the length of the newly added video clip to fit in or re-applying effects. The duration and effects of the replacement video clip are the same as those of the original clip.

1: Select the video clip you want to replace. If you wish to replace a piece of the footage, use the Split tool to cut it up and tap the segment to swap.
2: Swipe the bottom toolbar to the right until you see the Replace symbol.
3: Select Replace and browse for the video clip you wish to upload.

How to Use CapCut Video Transitions?

Many popular TikTok transitions are 1-click templates in CapCut Video Editor. You can make cool transitions with these templates even if you don’t have any editing skills.

CapCut Transitions: Add and Use
Add two or more movies to the CapCut project, or divide a large film into two sections.
To access the transition panel, click the icon between the two clips.
Play with transition templates and replay until you find one you like.
Adjust the transition timing by dragging the slider.
To stop applying any transition preset, tap the forbidden icon.

CapCut APK Text:

Text is simple and quick to add with CapCut:

CapCut Add Text

1: Start a New Project and add video, music, and images as needed.
2: In the bottom toolbar, tap the Text icon.
3: Enter your text and choose its color, fonts, shadow, and so on.
4: Once you’ve added text to the timeline, you can drag the edge to make it longer or shorter, depending on how long you want it to stay on the screen.
In addition to the Text Style tab, you may apply Effects, Bubbles, and Animation to the Text. Because they are preset, you do not need advanced editing skills to work with them.

How to Insert Audio in CapCut:

Using CapCut’s stock audio collection, you can add background music, sound effects, and other audio to the video. These royalty-free stock media files allow you to upload the video to YouTube and other social platforms without fear of infringement.

You can use CapCut to extract music from your favorite videos in addition to using stock audio. You may not be able to share the film with the public via this method, but just for personal use.

1: Insert the clip into a new project and select the Audio icon from the toolbar.
2: Select Sounds to open the stock library and add your favorite music.
3: You can edit, divide, or adjust the pace of the uploaded audio clip by tapping on it.


Android users may now simply work on refining their downloaded films or captured footage by accessing the fantastic CapCut application on our website. Feel free to use its capabilities to easily modify and improve your chosen videos. Unlock numerous incredible capabilities within the app to successfully promote visual experiences. Most significantly, the app should perform well for all of you due to its accessible features and several easy-to-use settings.

Download CapCut APK For Android Phone

You can download the video editing and video-making application CapCut from our site. Here you may also download Canva MOD APK


How do I get CapCut for my PC?

To download CapCut on PC, Windows users can utilize an Android emulator such as Gameloop.

How do I get CapCut on my Mac?

For Mac users, Bluestack for Mac can be used to install CapCut.

Is CapCut available for free download?

CapCut is available for free on Android smartphones, but it may contain in-app payments.

What is the CapCut download size?

On mobile, CapCut consumes 196 MB of data. Depending on the device, the size of the players may vary slightly.

CapCut is available in what languages?

CapCut supports isiZulu, Vietnamese, and other languages. More Info will tell you which languages CapCut supports.

Download CapCut MOD APK v8.9.0 (Premium Unlocked) for Android

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Download (199 MB)

You are now ready to download CapCut - Video Editor for free. Here are some notes:

  • Please check our installation guide.
  • To check the CPU and GPU of Android device, please use CPU-Z app

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