Call of Spartan MOD APK v4.8.8 (Unlimited Money/Gold/Gems)

Call of Spartan MOD APK v4.8.8 (Unlimited Money/Gold/Gems)

Download Call of Spartan MOD APK latest version for Android. Get unlimited Diamonds to unlock, upgrade construct different items. Mind-blowing Online Strategy game.

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4.4 ( 897 ratings )
Price: $0
Name Call of Spartan
Publisher Wang Xin
Genre Games
Size 129 MB
Version 4.8.8
Update Aug 9, 2023
MOD Unlimited Money/Gold/Gems
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Call of Spartan is the most famous version in the Call of Spartan series of publisher Wang Xin
Mod Version 4.8.8
Total installs 5M+
Download (129 MB)

  • Unlimited Money
  • Gold
  • Gems

Whats New

The Godlord teleport pack is sold in the store now, or you can purchase it with diamonds in the item shop! 1. Cumulative VIP-point purchase(Aug 17-27) 2. Gratitude Return (Aug 18-19) 3. Cumulative treasure lottery (Aug 21-27) 4. Treasure EXP Pack (Aug 21-27) 5. Diamond Shop (Aug 29-31)

Download, install, and read the article about the mind-blowing Online Strategy game designed for everyone who values honor and glory. Call of Spartan MOD APK is the modified APK of the original game with extra features.


Are you prepared for the excitement of ancient warfare? Call of Spartan is an immersive mobile game that transports players back to the Spartan era, offering a compelling combination of strategy, action, and adventure. This article will examine Call of Spartan’s thrilling features, gameplay mechanics, and strategies. Let’s plunge in!

What is the Call of Spartan MOD APK?

Call of Spartan MOD APK is an alternation to the orignal version. You can get in-game currency in this MOD. Download the APK file and upgrade and unlock different items in the game.

What is the Call of Spartan?

Call of Spartan is a popular mobile game that is compatible with iOS and Android. Players are transported to ancient Greece and assume the role of a Spartan commander. Your objective is to construct and command a formidable army, subjugate territories, and engage in epic battles with opposing factions. The game provides players with a rich and immersive experience, allowing them to relive the grandeur and challenges of ancient warfare.

Call Of Spartan MOD APK Download

Brief background

Before we delve into the gameplay, let’s take a glance at Call of Spartan’s historical context. The game is influenced by the legendary Spartan civilization, which was renowned for its disciplined warriors, military prowess, and legendary conflicts. The Spartan legacy continues to fascinate us, from the Battle of Thermopylae to the Peloponnesian War. Call of Spartan brings this complex history to life, allowing players to determine their fate in the ancient world.

Unique functions and features of the game

Engaging Gameplay:

Call of Spartan provides an engaging gameplay experience that combines strategy, role-playing elements, and action-packed combat. You will need to make crucial decisions, manage resources, recruit and train soldiers, and strategize your way to victory as a commander. The game’s immersive narrative and dynamic gameplay mechanics keep you interested.

Realistic Images:

Graphics are one of Call of Spartan’s defining characteristics. The game’s high-quality visuals bring to life the ancient Greek world. From intricately designed characters to breathtaking landscapes, every detail has been meticulously constructed to provide players with an immersive visual experience.

Vast Open World:

Call of Spartan features a vast and gorgeously rendered open world. Your conquest will take you through ancient cities, verdant forests, and treacherous mountains. Discover hidden treasures, confront formidable foes, and establish alliances with other players to bolster your standing in the world.

Call Of Spartan MOD APK For Android

Multiplayer Battles:

Engage in exhilarating multiplayer combat and contend against players from all over the world. Join alliances, plan with allies, and wage war against opposing factions. Participate in massive PvP battles, conquer adversary territory, and demonstrate your Spartan commander prowess.

In-Game Events:

Regular in-game events keep the enthusiasm alive in Call of Spartan. From seasonal events to unique missions and challenges, there is always something new to experience. Participate in time-limited events to earn exclusive rewards and put your abilities to the test against formidable foes.

How to Play?

Controls and Mechanics:

It is simple to get begun with Call of Spartan. The game’s intuitive controls make navigating the world, commanding your soldiers, and deploying potent abilities simple. Gain a competitive advantage on the battlefield by becoming familiar with the control scheme and mastering the mechanics.

Character Development:

Your commander will acquire experience and unlock new abilities as the game progresses. Customize your character’s abilities, equip potent weapons and armor, and bolster the power of your army. Choose the development path that best complements your playstyle to dominate the battlefield.

Quests and Missions:

Call of Spartan offers a variety of objectives and missions. Unravel the game’s narrative and access new features by completing story-driven quests. Participate in difficult missions that put your tactical skills to the test and recompense you with valuable resources. The game provides a variety of objectives to keep you interested and immersed in the world.

Tips and Techniques

Call Of Spartan APK

Developing a Powerful Army:

To succeed in Call of Spartan, you must construct a formidable and well-balanced army. Recruit various kinds of soldiers, each with their strengths and weaknesses. Utilise unit synergies and tactical formations while strategically deploying your forces on the battlefield. Upgrade and train your troops continuously to maintain a competitive advantage.

Developing Alliances:

Alliance formation is a crucial aspect of Call of Spartan. Join forces with other participants to form formidable alliances and collaborate on strategic goals. Combine your resources, coordinate your assaults, and defend one another’s territories. A powerful alliance can provide crucial assistance and substantially improve your chances of success.

Call of Spartan in-game character

In the game “Call of Spartan,” you can meet a variety of characters. Here are a few notable characters:


The primary character and the avatar are controlled by the user. As Commander, you must lead your Spartan army into battle, strategize, and make critical decisions.


Heroes are powerful units with special skills that can change the course of a battle. Each hero has unique talents and capabilities, such as greater damage, healing, or summoning reinforcements.

Call Of Spartan MOD APK Heroes


Warlords are formidable foes who serve as the game’s difficult bosses. They frequently have special powers, have a high health level, and deal a lot of damage. To defeat them, considerable preparation and strategy are required.


Generals are high-ranking officers who aid you in combat. They benefit your army by rallying troops, increasing their efficacy, and providing other strategic advantages.


Archers are ranged units that use bows and arrows to attack. They assist afar, causing damage to hostile units without engaging in direct melee combat.


Cavalry forces are mounted warriors who excel at speed and mobility. With their charges, they may quickly flank opposing positions, disrupt formations, and cause damage.

Siege Engines:

To destroy opposing fortifications and installations, siege engines such as catapults or ballistae are used. They are strong but slow units that must be protected from enemy attacks.

These are only a few of the personalities you’ll meet in “Call of Spartan.” The game has a wide range of units with varying powers, strengths, and weaknesses, giving players a variety of tactical possibilities.

Soldiers of Sparta:

These are the foundation of your army. Spartans are highly talented warriors who have been trained in a variety of combat skills. They fight beside you and obey your orders.

Call Of Spartan APK Latest Version

The in-game currencies in Call of Spartan


In many video games, gold serves as the main currency. It can be gained in several ways, including through fulfilling tasks, winning battles, and harvesting resources. Gold can be used for a wide variety of things, such as hiring new soldiers, improving existing structures, and studying new technology.


In most games, you can get your hands on the premium currency known as gems by either making an in-app purchase or by achieving a specific level of success. You can buy special units or goods, gain access to premium features, or skip the queue by using gems.


Managing your city or base efficiently requires a steady supply of resources, which may be earned by constructing resource production facilities or performing quests and missions. Wood, stone, iron, and food are all materials that are commonly used. Buildings, units, researchers, and merchants all rely on these supplies to get the job done.

Power or Endurance:

Some video games contain a “stamina” or “energy” system that restricts the player’s ability to engage in combat for an extended period. Over time, energy is recharged automatically, and premium currency can be used to speed up the process.

Respect or Fame:

Prestige, or honor, is a form of currency that indicates one’s standing among other players. It’s typically gained through PvP combat, ranking highly, or completing missions. You may spend honor to gain access to premium features, make in-app purchases, and more.

Items to be Upgrade and unlock in the game Call of Spartan

Building and Upgrading Structures:

Gold is necessary to build and upgrade structures in your base. Buildings for resource production, defensive structures, training facilities, and research facilities are among these structures. Upgrading these structures frequently necessitates increasing quantities of Gold.

Training and Improvement Unit:

Gold is used to train and improve your army forces. Gold is required to recruit more soldiers and enhance their skills, weapons, and armor. As you continue through the game, more advanced units become accessible, which require more Gold to unlock and improve.

Research and Technology:

Gold is required for conducting research and unlocking technological developments. Researching new technologies has a variety of advantages, including improved unit abilities, improved defenses, increased resource production, and more efficient construction.

Purchasing Items and boosters:

In some circumstances, Gold can be used to purchase special items, boosters, or consumables that provide brief advantages in battle or speed up game progress.

Trading and Transactions:

Players may occasionally engage in player-to-player trading or transactions within the game, where Gold can be used as a form of currency to buy and sell resources, units, or other in-game commodities.

Gold is normally obtained through fulfilling tasks, participating in fights, effectively defending your base against attacks, and efficiently managing your resource output. Furthermore, gamers may be able to obtain Gold through in-app purchases, in which real-world currency is swapped for in-game gold.

Download Call of Spartan MOD APK latest version

You can download and install the latest version of Call of Spartan APK for Android here on Also, Enjoy downloading Modern Warships MOD APK


Call of Spartan MOD APK provides an immersive and compelling experience that combines strategic gameplay, breathtaking visuals, and the excitement of ancient warfare. As a Spartan commander, you will engage in epic battles, forge mighty alliances, and determine the fate of your dominion. Whether you are a history buff or a devotee of mobile strategy games, Call of Spartan is certain to capture your attention.


Can Call of Spartan be played on a mobile device?

Yes, Call of Spartan is compatible with both iOS and Android operating systems. It is available for installation in the respective app stores.

Is Call of Spartan a free game to play?

Call of Spartan is available for free installation and play.

Download Call of Spartan MOD APK v4.8.8 (Unlimited Money/Gold/Gems) for Android

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Download (129 MB)

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